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CD orders held until 4.00final

April 23, 2008 — BarryK
I have made an announcement on the download page:

Any Puppy CD orders will be held until 4.00-final is released.


Filesystem Hierarchy
Username: inged
Barry, Well, this is not really related with your post but I just wanted to mention it. My $0.02 in something for making life easier (my hope). Today I found Gobolinux and the neat way they organize the Filesystem Hierarchy. It still uses the actual Hierarchy (/usr, /etc,...) but what the user sees is cleaner, and for the developer is even simpler. It uses simlinks (as I understood) for re-organizing folders, kind of OS X (actually BSD) and MS. The neat part is that all applications reside in one folder (let's say Programs) and every application has their normal structure (their own /usr, /bin, /etc...). So, several versions of the same application can reside in their own folder with their own libraries. That makes installation and testing a breeze. The bad point is that a lot of libraries can be repeated in several folders, but the simplicity of the design looks worthwhile. It made me wish to learn LFS to understand a lot of things, but I cannot devote that time.

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