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Fixes for HotPup, xorgwizard, xrandrshell, fixPuppyPin

April 15, 2008 — BarryK
Forum member pakt has reported a problem with xrandr and dual monitors. Well, the problem is not with xrandr itself, but with how it is used.

Okay, I've applied a workaround to HotPup.

When the Xorg Wizard is selected from the 'Setup' menu when X is running, a GUI comes up which offers various utility applications. One of these used to be a utility named 'xrandrshell', which is a GUI for using 'xrandr' to test different resolutions. That got taken out of the menu at some stage -- I don't think it is in Puppy 3.0x.
Anyway, the /usr/sbin/xrandrshell script needed to be updated for the new version of xrandr, and I also took the opportunity of improving the code, and have restored it to the Xorg Wizard GUI menu. A modification to /root/.xinitrc was also required.

The Xorg Video Wizard, script /usr/sbin/xorgwizard, also needed to have the code that parses the return from xrandr improved to handle multiple monitors. I also fixed a bug that might affect single monitor systems.

Every time X starts, /root/.xintrc executes immediately after X has started. One thing that .xinitrc does is call /usr/sbin/fixPuppyPin, which makes sure that the desktop icons on the right side of the screen are actually on the right side. Note, the 'xlock' icon is used as the marker and it and anything directly under it are relocated to the extreme right side of the screen. The fixPuppyPin script is relevant when changing video modes, such as the first time Puppy is booted.
Anyway, fixPuppyPin also has a problem with dual monitors and I have applied a workaround.

Note that my so-called "workaround" for handling dual monitors is not really a fix. The scripts are just taking the video mode of the first monitor probed by xrandr as being the current video mode. Proper handling of dual monitors is a long way off -- I think one major stumbling block is the 'ddcprobe' utility does not recognise multiple monitors.


Re: FixPuppyPin
Username: bytescrafty
[quote] Note, the 'xlock' icon is used as the marker.. [/quote] What happens if one does not have the 'xlock' icon on his/her desktop screen..? I am a 'single' screen user - so I don't need to have the 'xlock' icon so I removed it. crafty.

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