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Got this blog to work

April 10, 2008 — BarryK
I wanted this blog to work without needing the name of the Perl script in the URL. I ended up using 'RewriteRule' in a '.htaccess' file. Took me ages to set it up properly, but seems to be working right now.

URLs can now be of the form:

Ah, that's good, I initially had the Perl script at 755, but I wound it back to 744 and it still works.




Username: Sage
"Here's an external test for you! You've achieved substantial advances with P4, Barry. Can you speculate on a date for a final so that I can prepare folks over here for its adoption?

Blog and Dingo
Username: inged
"Nice Blog, I love minimalist too!, claen, simple and fast, like Puppy. It would be nice if users could login to post to avoid anonymous comments or borrowed identity. I was a bit disappointed when using Dingo Beta 1, I was hoping to find SMP activated as one previous alpha. Looks like is not an easy task. But still I like the look and feel of Dingo Beta 1, it's clean and clear. It has its own character, love what I saw, a nice polished Puppy, lovely. Still I'll wait for Puppy with SMP, my laptop should feel even faster, although it feels faster than other Linux with SMP and 64bits! Thank you for your time

Modules and SFS
Username: inged
"Could Puppy avoid the SFS limitations to use several SFS at a time, similar to the idea of Slax when using modules? I mean an SFS file that allows several SFS to be loaded. That way there is no need to install PET and PUP files where SFS files are available. Something similar to merging SFS without actually merging them, just mounting several SFS at a time in one big file.

Username: craftybytes
"Great to see the "BLOG" back to being a 'proper' style blog.. As 'inged' stated - would be better - better security - if users could login to post .. I also had a long look at the PPLOG code with the intention to see if we could get it into Puppy - still banging my head against the proverbial 'code' brick wall - I must admit - that Perl is not one of my favourite coding streams - but am willing to delve into it to see what goes.. Anyway great to see this BLOG in reality.. crafty.

Perl permanently in Puppy
Username: BarryK
"crafty, yes, as Perl is going to be a permanent feature of Puppy, I'm willing to have a go at learning it. I might buy a book. I'm interested in helping the author of PPLOG to add some extra features, like commenter login. Well, if ever I get any extra time.

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