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Icon-switcher, OpenOffice, libsndfile

April 26, 2008 — BarryK
My icon-switcher script put up a message that X has to be restarted for the new set of icons to take affect. HairyWill provided a simple fix so that ROX-Filer and JWM will restart immediately, so the new icons are seen immediately.

It was reported by forum member WN2A that the '' package does not work in 4.00beta2. I found out why not: it needs libsndfile.

Apart from that, PETget reports various missing libraries, but none of them are fatal. Most of them are for KDE support, but there is one,, that I have provided -- Puppy has*, so I created a symlink.

I tested the Writer application, and it came up with the default Motif-like GUI, not with the GTK GUI. This is fixed by putting this into /etc/profile:
export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP="gnome"
...I do have this in /etc/profile.d/openoffice in the openoffice-2.2.0.sfs SFS file, but not for the PET package. So I have put it permanently into /etc/profile and that fixes the problem for all the other OpenOffice SFS and PET creations.

It looks like this should be a permanent library in Dingo. Unfortunately I had to configure with '--disable-flac' otherwise it would not compile. But then, I checked the Slackware12 libsndfile and it does not use flac either.

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