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New GUI for PETget package manager

April 14, 2008 — BarryK
Merely a couple of days dawn to midnight to implement this! Seems to be working nicely, see snapshot:

I am gradually modularising PETget, but for now the original 'petget' script is still there and I'm just calling it from the new GUI-frontpanel to install and uninstall packages. So it's a transitional thing.

What took me a long time was to go through the 'packages.txt' files for Puppy2 and Puppy4 and put in categories for every package. As you can see from the snapshot, the categories match the top-level of the menu in Puppy.

'BuildingBlock' packages are what the name suggests, such as libraries.

So far I have only done Puppy2 and Puppy4, and choosing a package will cause 'petget' to download it from the correct ibiblio repository.

What it needs is testing, particularly to check how it handles fetching the correct dependencies from Puppy2. I plan to write some more code for this, but it should work basically ok.

As Puppy4 has reached beta1 I don't want to launch into a new phase of coding, so I will probably leave it as it is right now and just do some testing. Further refinements can come after 4.00.


Pet Package
Username: reckrhodes
New GUI for PETget package manager is i think a very user friendly interface for a new user like me. Could there be a special pet packages for Education Sir Barry? Thank you in advance. God speed!

petget space estimation
Username: lluamco
"Hi Barry, nice looking of the new Gui! I wonder whether the free space estimation of petget takes into account correctly the different blocksizes, as was discussed some months ago in this threat I suggest to slightly modify the code as follows: EXPFREEB=`stat --filesystem --format=%f /` #no. free blocks. (1 k blocks) EXPFILEB=`stat --format=%b $APKGNAMEEX` #no. blocks. (512 byte blocks) BLOCKFSSIZE=`stat --filesystem --format=%s /` #filesystem blocksize BLOCKFILESIZE=`stat --format=%B $APKGNAMEEX` # blockfilesize EXPNEEDB=$(($(($EXPFILEB*6))/(($BLOCKFSSIZE))*(($BLOCKFILESIZE)))) (Same comment made in the Puppy 4 beta bugs thread of the forum) Hope this helps

Fix for calc enough space for pkg
Username: BarryK
"lluamco, Ok, I've put your code in. It's about time that I got around to fixing that!

Weldone !
Username: linuxcbon
"Exactly what I proposed some time ago. Thanks for making it real :)

PetGet - Local packages
Username: craftybytes
"The GUI looks great.!! As kirk stated above - will the new GUI allow for selecting "local" packages (if downloaded from the net previously) or from a "local" repository (CD or DVD or other hard drive partition.).? If so - would definitely round out the total 'install' experience..

Re: local PET repository
Username: BarryK
"Yes, handling a local repository would be good. The Unleashed CD that I sell could be configured as a local repository for example.

Re: local PET repository
Username: bytescrafty
"FYI - I actually copy the 'Unleashed' CD files to a separate partition on my hard drive - makes accessing them very much faster than from the CD - other Puppy users might also do this - so you'll need to allow for this configuration in the GUI.. I also have a stack of other "Puppy" files retrieved from the main forum in a separate folder - maybe this type of 'local' store could be made into a form of suitable repository for 'local' files.? Worth considering.. crafty

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