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Pcdripper, ctorrent, Pburn, Pstopwatch, Pnethood updated

April 16, 2008 — BarryK
Forum member plinej has updated Pcdripper (audio CD song ripper) to version 3.6, see forum thread:

Plinej has updated the ctorrent package from dnh3.2-patched to dnh3.3. See forum thread:

Zigbert has updated Pburn, his CD/DVD/Blue-ray burner application, to version 1.4.2, with help from forum member disciple and others. Forum thread:

Zigbert has upgraded Pstopwatch to version 0.6. See forum thread:

Hairy Will, with help from disciple, has updated Pnethood (Samba shares mounter) to version 0.61. See thread:


Username: disciple
Barry, if I were you I wouldn't update pnethood just yet. It has good feature enhancements, but for some reason I can't get it to mount any Windows 98 shares, so I think on balance v 0.5 is still a better choice. Maybe someone reading this might have some inside into the problem though :)

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