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Pidgin versus Ayttm

April 26, 2008 — BarryK
Some guys have reported being less than satisfied with Ayttm, so I am revisiting Pidgin.

I have just been testing Pidgin version 2.4.1, chatting with the guys on IRC at #puppylinux.


Username: coolpup
Barry, is this any good?

Re: minisip
Username: BarryK
"coolpup, Unfortunately it uses gtkmm, so it won't be small. I could compile it as a extra PET pkg I suppose, but not builtin to the live-CD.

Pidgin vs. Ayttm
Username: Feverfew
"IMHO You made the right choice when taking Pidgin out of dingo. Ayttm can only get better, and Pidgin can only get Bigger. IMHO With the package manager in Puppy for the packs with high popularity but gynormous size like the FF`s OOo`s of the world, everyone can fatten up Puppy as much, or as little as they won't.:cool::happy: ************** in the first help page upon start the mini screencaps of the "Menu" and "Clock" are still in "Citrus Theme" not really a bug per-say it's jest a little visually jarring. Anyway Dingo looks good and You are doing a Kick ass! Job. I'm writing this from Puppy 3.99 bata2.

Pidgin versus Ayttm
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry, I noticed that after this thread was dated, you moved to Ayttm, I've always found Ayttm a bit buggy, it mess a persons name up when you switch users in the forum /nick name anyways the Xchat Package I made up for 4.2, I made the fonts larger, and made it auto logins into #1 puppylinux chat etc. always nice to have it Autologin, saves time, plus new users wouldn't have a clue where or how to find the Live support we have for puppy, I went to the chat room tonight and about 4 of them had the pupuser 402 name :) thats what i prenamed the login< a good way of finding out which version they are using :) LOL anyways I don't know it you tried that package, but it works on 2,4,5 series. Heres the link

Re: Ayttm
Username: BarryK
"There's one great thing about Ayttm, the current maintainer is very active. Give him a suggestion, he will probably implement it! His name is Siddhesh, he does have a personal blog somewhere. -- I might have linked to it from my blog at some time. As far a autologin and different user names, for Ayttm that is done with a script, /usr/sbin/ayttmshell, that was last developed by wolf_pup I think.

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