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PPLOG upgraded to version 1.1

April 16, 2008 — BarryK
The author of PPLOG, Federico, is truly inspired
I had version 1.0 installed, and I gave some suggestions to Federico and he thought of some more desirable features, and version 1.1 has now made it's debut. The script has grown from 41KB to 48KB! Version 1.1 has all these new features:

* Display BBCODE Buttons on the add comment form
* List all comments (With pagination)
* Display what GMT is PPLOG using, at the footer
* Add security question on comment form
* Users who post comments now have their identity protected
* Smilies added
* Fixed CSS Bug on Safari
* RSS Feeds added
* Show how many comments are posted in each entry

This covers just about everything I want. Support for a few more bbcodes would be one more thing, but I can't think of anything else.

Security has become very good. There was the security-code that has to be typed in before posting a comment, but it is not as well obfuscated as a graphical captcha system.
So, Federico has added a security question -- I have set this to an easy question that all Puppy-fans will know the answer to.

But, it doesn't end there. PPLOG does not use a login system as such, nor is there a email verification required. Instead, anyone can comment. There is then the potential problem of identity theft, so PPLOG requires a password to post a comment -- this gets associated with your username the first time that you post a comment, so remember both for posting future comments. If you forget your password, you'll have to change your username.


it works

Security Good
Username: GeoW
"We need as much security as possible after the recent experiences with your blog. A little extra effort is a small price to pay. GeoW

Viva La Minima
Username: Lobster
"Not sure if the title is good Italian? However the meaning should be clear. Smaller and simpler - ideal for Puppy. Black text. Colour for emphasis. A simple image. Images and links in blog entries. Anything else is eye-clutter. Emoticons are a good thing as they soften and enhance the expression. It is inspiring to find such excellent coding. Woof woof :happy:

Safari rendering error still present
Username: stoic
"Love the blog, but just to let you know that the Webkit css bug is still there. Perhaps you didn't update the stylesheet when you upgraded to 1.1, but the comma in line 41 of style.css (just after center) needs to be removed for Webkit to render the site correctly.

Reserving my Author name.
Username: GreatnessGuru
"Hi. Great little blog. Just reserving my Author name right now. Thank you, Eddie Maddox

Does "Delete" work?
Username: GreatnessGuru
"I just tried "Delete"ing my last comment, but "Wrong password!" on three or four tries. I hope I typed in the original password I thought I was. Thanks, Eddie Maddox

Username: bytescrafty
"Well it looks like I have to assume a new 'user name' for this updated blog - did add the odd comment or two on the older blog - but as always security is very important for these times.. Hopefully this extra security feature will be the end of those pesky spammers.. crafty

Re: scurity code difficulty
Username: BarryK
"Craftybytes, No, you don't have to change your username. I kept my previous name as an ordinary user, BarryK. The problem seems to be mistyping of the security password, due to the Helvetica style font -- something that I have always lamented -- that a letter i when upper case looks identical to a letter L when lowercase.

Re: deleting of comments
Username: BarryK
"That's a very interesting point. The 'Delete' only works for me, with admin password. However, now that Federico has implemented individual passwords for users there is no reason why users should not be able to delete their own posts. I'll ask Federico about it.

Saving passwords and deleting posts
Username: Leon
"My username and password was successfully saved. An option to delete posts would be very useful especially to make corrections when posting to the blog.

BBCode Buttons
Username: GeoW
"I can't find them. Where are they? GeoW

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