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PPLOG v1.1 coming soon

April 12, 2008 — BarryK
The current version of PPLOG is 1.0. The author Federico is very keen and has taken on-board some of my suggestions. See his news page for what he has added to the upcoming 1.1 so far...


Username: disciple
Barry - is it possible to have more posts per page on the blog? Also, it is almost impossible to read what I am posting here, as the font is extremely small (small letters are 4 pixels high at normal zoom, so I have to zoom in miles), and it is a very pale green on white. Woohoo! If you don't fill in a field (it might help if something says they are all required), then you get a page saying "All fields are required", (which I guess maybe should be expanded to something like "Your post failed because you did not fill in all fields. Please press back and try again." But the great thing is, you don't lose what you posted!!!

Username: GeoW
"Barry, Your new blog is beautiful. The suggestions are just fine tuning. ayttm, on the other hand could use some work. Do you also have a good relationship with the author(s) of ayttm? I don't really know where to post the results of my testing. Ayttm works - but it is not easy. Details to follow if I fugure out the right place to post. GeoW

HTML Purifier in PPLOG?
Username: Eddie Maddox
"HTML Purifier "HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP. ... it will also make sure your documents are standards compliant, ..." Is HTML Purifier a candidate for inclusion in PPLOG? Thank you, Eddie Maddox

Re: Ayttm needs work
Username: BarryK
"Have you read the reports in this blog/news recently about improvements to Ayttm? Yes, the authors are responsive, but you have to join their email list. If you go to [url[/usrl] the info how to join is there. probably a good thing to suggest one thing at a time. I think there's only one guy, Siddhesh, who is really actively coding right now. By all means, go for it, suggest ways to improve Ayttms! PS, you need to get the latest out of CVS, and if you have Puppy's 'devx' SFS file loaded it has the 'cvs' program.

Username: Prit1
"Barry, Thanks for being the inspiration always. I have started to use PPLOG like a personal diary (blog).

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