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PPPOE without Roaring Penguin

April 29, 2008 — BarryK
Back in November 2007, over five months ago, I posted a request on my Developer News page for help to get PPPOE working in Dingo. Dingo cannot use the Tcl/Tk Roaring Penguin GUI, and I wanted to expand PupDial GUI to handle PPPOE. However, as I am not into using PPPOE I have no familiarity at all with it. I got no response at all. So, for you guys who are now complaining that PPPOE doesn't work, well, what can I say...

My post on November 11, 2007 is here:

Note, that was actually the second request, there is an earlier one somewhere. I think I also posted to the forum about this.

Here is the text of that request, in case anyone is interested:

Dingo has the Roaring Penguin PPPOE package but not the Tcl/Tk GUI. However, the ‘ppp’ package has a plugin, /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.4/, that is code taken from the Roaring Penguin package, and it is possible to do PPPOE with just the ppp package, no Roaring Penguin package required at all.

The LinuxFromScratch people have been into this. They have a page that outlines it:

They also have a detailed mail-list thread: … 60173.html
UPDATE: 'pathfinder_cate' (see comments) has found the URL:

The thread explains everything. The kernel used in Puppy 3.xx and Dingo alpha1 has the required modules, as per these config settings:

CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS=y #this is builtin.

If we can get PupDial to do PPPOE with the ppp package, then there will no longer be any need to keep the Roaring Penguin package. It does not need WvDial either.

This would be a very interesting project for someone into using PPPOE! You don’t have to be using Dingo, this would apply to any of the earlier puppies — well, I would like to expand PupDial to handle this, and PupDial was introduced in Puppy 3.00. If we get this working from a terminal and the steps standardised, then I could translate that into the GUI.

Here are more howtos:


Username: eccentric
Barry Sir, I would be most happy to test the new PPP package if one of the members can put it together, I regret to say my knowledge is so little in this matter, what i did to get it going was to goto and put on a pen drive PPPoE-38patched and tk-8.5.1 plus tcl libtcl8.5so i used 3.01 to do this, then i started 4.00beta and opened the pen drive and installed, and it worked. thank you for all your effort in giving us the pleasure of Puppy. Michael.

PPPOE without Roaring Penguin
Username: oli
"And now part III: I added an else-clause to pppoe-setup like that: if [ "$DNS1" != "" ] ; then if [ "$DNS1" != "server" ] ; then $ECHO "Please enter the IP address of your ISP's secondary DNS server." $ECHO "If you just press enter, I will assume there is only one DNS server." printf "%s" ">>> Enter the secondary DNS server address here: " read DNS2 else DNS1= fi fi Now it works for me, even if I enter "server".

PPPOE without Roaring Penguin
Username: oli
"And anothe solution: I set DNSTYPE=NOCHANGE at pppoe-setup (instead of DNSTYPE=SERVER). Then it works too. copy $CONFIG $CONFIG-bak if [ "$DNS1" = "server" ] ; then DNSTYPE=NOCHANGE # instead of SERVER DNS1="" PEERDNS=yes else PEERDNS=no if [ "$DNS1" = "" ] ; then DNSTYPE=NOCHANGE else DNSTYPE=SPECIFY fi fi

Re: pppoe-setup
Username: BarryK
"oli, thanks for looking into this and tackling a solution. I was wondering, we could put a real working nameserver into /etc/resolv.conf, as a precaution, instead of something non-functional. There are some free nameservers that anyone can use. Um, I did write one of them down, a couple of years ago... ah yes, here it is: The host is: Put these lines into /etc/resolv.conf: nameserver nameserver If we use this, how would you suggest it be coded into pppoe-setup?

Re: pppoe-setup
Username: oli
"Because I'm not sure if my workaround works with every provider at every country, perhaps it would be best to add the following to the text when pppoe-setup asks for the nameserver (my English is not good enough but I hope you will get it): If "server" doesn't work for you run pppoe-setup again and enter as nameserver. If we change the script like mentioned in my previous postinge there could be potentionally arise another problem for other users. If we only change the text we keep all oportunities. I will add a special hint to the Puppy 4-manual. And perhaps some other guys could test it, too.

Username: pathfinder_cate
"The link might be:

Re: PPPoE URL found
Username: BarryK
"pathfinder_cate, thanks very much for that, I've updated the main post. We now have a little very basic GUI ([i]very[/i] basic) for Roaring Penguin PPPoE, but the issue still remains that we could eliminate the Roaring Penguin package entirely if we could get this "kernel mode PPPoE" working. Anyway, it remains as a possible project if anyone is interested. For now, for the purpose of Pup 4.00 the heat is off as we do at least have something that works.

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