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Release schedule for 4.00-final

April 30, 2008 — BarryK
We are always finding things that need fixing, and devising fixes, and it is a never-ending process. With any Puppy release, I get to the point where I decide "close enough" and bring out the final.

For 4.00, we are at that "close enough" point. In fact, this version has had far more testing and fixing than any prior Puppy release.


Service Pack 3
Username: BarryK
On the subject of Service Packs, forum member bobwrit posted news about SP3 for Windows XP: I followed the links, and found SP3 is 316MB :cry: That reminds me of Service Packs that we have brought out for Puppy, that were 10 - 20KB. So, if we bring out a Service Pack for 4.00, it will be an easy download! :happy:

On your toes, everyone!
Username: dogone
"OK people. The gantlet has be thrown down. Barry's given us TWO days to find show stoppers in 4.00RC. There probably aren't any, but what we miss we're stuck with until 4.1. Barry's worked hard on this one so let's cut him some slack and report only *serious* problems - those that can't wait for 4.1. This way, we get the best 4.0 possible and Barry gets some quality and well earned time with his "Mums".

rss feed needs dates
Username: HairyWill
"Barry You might consider hassling Federico to add dates to the RSS feed entries.

4.00SC (Sanity Check)
Username: BarryK
"Well, the calendar provided by Wilson Tuckey (our local Federal polition) has mum's day as the 4th, but I found out that in fact it's the 11th. So I wiped that comment from the original post. I'm going to visit the mums anyway on the 4th, as won't be in Perth on the 11th. Considering the hurried nature of the RC, I'll rename it as SC, for Sanity Check. That's all it will be really.

Unleashed ?
Username: JohnMurga
"Hi, Will there be an "Unleashed" release for Dingo ? That is what people like myself are looking forward to most ;-) Cheers JohnM

Re: Unleashed and ALSA
Username: BarryK
"Unleashed, yes of course. Probably I'll upload it late at night on Sunday 4th, which will be around midday in the US/Canada. The build with the 2.6.25 kernel has ALSA 1.0.16rc2 drivers and 1.0.16 libraries. The build with the kernel has ALSA 1.0.14. Curiously, 1.0.16 has gone backwards for me. My laptop has become silent again despite the ALSA drivers loading okay (same as back at 1.0.12,13). On another PC, the two-barks welcome is kind of choked off into one bark. Weird.

ALSA 1.0.16 changelog
Username: coolpup
"Changelog between 1.0.16rc2 and 1.0.16 releases

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