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Some wireless problems

April 21, 2008 — BarryK
Some people testing 4.00 beta1 and beta2 have reported that their wireless does not work, when it did work in 3.01.

4.00beta1/2 has the same kernel, modules and firmware, even the same wpa_supplicant package, as 3.01. Which does seem to point the finger at the Network Wizard ...perhaps.

If you are in this situation, could you please try the Wizard out of 3.01, as explained here:


Wifi 4 Eeepc
Username: Lobster
this is the thread on the non standard Atheros wifi driver

Username: Greg
"Barry: Been waiting to add to comments about wireless... just ran 399 Beta 2, 301 and good old standby 2.17 I say old standby because 2.17 almost always hooks up...from 301 on intermittent if at all. IN 399 Beta 2, Xdialog using eth1 gives successful message.. but will not go to Google or any url.. if you subsequently run Gthdialog, and get a valid address to the wireless hub it will work fine. I tried rutit in 301 just now it did not help at all. Something very different between 2.17 and now in most of the 300 series. Thank you

Username: Prit1
"Barry, My wireless started working fine in 3.98. Connects everytime. It uses rt2500 module. But in 3.99, it does not work at all. I tried the 3.01 wizard as you suggested, it worked once and then it would not. I tried many times. No idea what is happening. I remember that 3.97 worked well on my wireless too.

Testing ndiswrapper
Username: BarryK
"I have just started looking into this. I did a quick test of ndiswapper. I have a Netgear wg311 card. I did this: # ndiswrapper -i wg311.inf # ndiswrapper -l # modprobe ndiswrapper # iwconfig ...yep, iwconfig shows wlan0 running. However, I did have to remvoe the 'acx' driver first, as it is the native driver for my card, but it doesn't work (rmmod acx).

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