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Squashfs compile fails with 2.6.25 kernel

April 23, 2008 — BarryK
I'm compiling the 2.6.25 kernel. Unfortunately compilation of the Squashfs module failed. There is no kernel patch yet for the 2.6.25 kernel, and I used the patch for the 2.6.24 kernel. I searched, and the Gentoo developer guys have fixed it. It's busy compiling away right now, so hopefully it's ok this time.

The Gentoo fix is here:


Thanks, Barry

Wait for
Username: GreatnessGuru
"I'm OK with waiting for the first maintainance release. It's usually only a week or two, to catch things like that. Thanks, Eddie Maddox

Username: Divisionmd
"Hello, Is Puppy 4 going to support quad and dual core cpus´s? And by default use all CPU´s found in a computer? Or do users manualy have to re-compile the kernel to make Puppy 4 support/use all CPUS cores? Best regards, Johan

Username: divisionmd
"Ok excellent Barry! I was a bit worried there that the new Puppy 4 (final) when it is released would not work with dual or quad core cpus. When i tested the beta version 399 it did not use all the cpus. But guessing something will change in the final then, that makes Puppy use all cpus. Thanks for answer, Best regards, Johan

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