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Testing upgrading Puppy2/3 pup_save

April 19, 2008 — BarryK
Well, I decided to add the official (ibiblio) Puppy3 repository to the new PETget GUI. Better to get it done now before beta2 comes out.

I also put in the support for upgrading a Puppy3 'pup_save' file to Puppy4.

Firstly, I tested upgrading a Puppy2 'pup_save' file. I booted Puppy 2.17.1 with 'pfix=ram', installed a couple of official Puppy2 PETs: Bluefish (a GTK1 app) and Cutecom (a Qt3 app). I then shutdown, creating a pup_save file.

I then booted Puppy 4.00 pre-beta2 CD and chose the above-mentioned pup_save file. Got the usual stuff about upgrading, then got red text on the screen telling me that Bluefish and Cutecom are missing the 'gtk+12' and 'qt' packages respectively, and to run PETget to install them.
After bootup I did so, and they worked. Perfect.

The dependency check though, is only for official PET packages, but what I will add -- I'll do this today -- is some kind of dependency info for other PETs or DotPups that may be installed.

I have just tested upgrading a Puppy3 pup_save, when I discovered a bug while booting -- so I need to look into that today.

Tags: puppy