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Updating a 'pup_save' from Puppy2

April 17, 2008 — BarryK
If someone has a 'pup_save' file and is running Puppy version 2.x, and wants to migrate to Dingo (Puppy 4.x), there is the potential of missing dependencies.

The main problem is Puppy2 PET or DotPup packages that require GTK1 or Tcl/Tk, as Puppy4 no longer uses these libraries. There are others also, such as the imlib library.

It is now easy to download any packages from the Puppy2 or Puppy4 Ibiblio repositories -- see my recent blog post -- but how do you know what is missing?

Easy, I have added some code to /etc/rc.d/rc.update, the script that provides fixups for upgrading a 'pup_save' to a new version of Puppy. The added code will popup a message and tell you exactly what dependencies are missing.

Note that the situation of missing dependencies is only going to occur if you have installed extra PET or DotPup packages from the Puppy2 repository or elsewhere on the Internet. On the otherhand, if you only ever used the applications already provided in the live-CD then there should be no problem at all with upgrading.

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