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Wireless firmware, dpkg-deb, hsfmodem

April 25, 2008 — BarryK
Wireless firmware
I have been going through the wireless modules in the 2.6.25 kernel, updating the firmware. Yes, for b43 and b43legacy too.

Is there supposed to be firmware for 'ath5k' (which replaces madplay)?

This comes up frequently in the forum, someone wanting to open a Debian .deb package, and they have to hunt for a solution. I decided to put 'dpkg-deb' utility into Puppy. It's quite small, and Xarchive recognises an uses it. I had to modify the 'pupzip' script also. Works nicely, just click on a .deb file in ROX-Filer and it opens up in Xarchive.



wifi firmware
Username: tempestuous
No, I don't think that ath5k requires separate firmware. Like many other modules, the firmware is probably embedded within the module ... against the directive of the Linux kernel developers. Prepare for complaints about this module, it's very much at beta stage, and I see a few tricks and workarounds on the web about how to get it working. Ultimately it will replace the old-style MADWiFi (not "madplay") driver but for now I suspect that the MADWiFi driver (ath_pci) will still be needed. Oh, and I have somewhat boldly made a few suggestions about the 2.6.25 kernel in a new thread on the forum -

Re: ath5k
Username: Bosco Bearbank
"Last I tried it, the ath5k driver would not work with my desktop; I'm still using the madwifi driver Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR2413 802.11bg NIC (rev 01)

Ath5k, ZD1211rw
Username: KJ
"The Atheros driver in Puppy 396 auto detected and ran the best so far on my Acer laptop. Also the usb XD1211rw driver in Puppy 396 works with both my USB ZyXEL G202 and M202 (ZDas chip) units on my main kits. I can use the NDISwrapper to load the ZyXELs in 216 and 301Retro (.18 kernel) but the CPU maxes out on anything with the .21 kernel and I can't get a good wifi install (I don't know how to work around the problem) ... so I look forward to a new main version that will work for me. Thanks for the all the good work .... Puppy is "TOP DOG"! KJ

DELL Conexant driver
Username: chicks
"> A recent comment gave a link to a HSF modem driver provided by Dell. I have downloaded it, but it is just the Linuxant driver and is not free. A licence is required to unlock it. Hate to disagree, but we've installed it on several hundred Debian boxes, no license required, and not crippled...

Re: hsfmodem dell
Username: BarryK
"The 'hsfconfig' script has something in it about being crippled and needing a licence. There is copyright to Linuxant everywhere, so I am very surprised if it is really not crippled. It is obviously Linuxant code, and has some recent dates in it, so doesn't seem to be the old free beta version that Conexant released a long time ago. Maybe it is not crippled, but Dell are only supposed to supply it to their customers.

Intel 3945 Modules
Username: nic2109
"Barry; what's the state of the modules for Intel 3945 wireless chips? I ask 'cos we discovered between us that ipl3945 (which replaced the "retired" ipw3945 in the earliest Dingo kernel) has no WPA but only WEP encryption. There are loads and loads of laptops out there using this hardware (Dell use it for their consumer products for example) and since best practice advice is to use WPA in preference to (the easily hacked) WEP we really should cater for it out of the box.

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