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4.1alpha on the 26th

May 22, 2008 — BarryK
I intend to upload Puppy 4.1alpha1 this coming Monday.

It is not intended to be for wide testing, just a snapshot for those who want to look at the new uevent and module handling ideas. None of it is caste in iron, feedback may result in changes. Even the zdrv could come back in some form.

And to try out the kernel.


Make Puppy ask more!
Username: Ansu
When installing Puppy, it should ask more questions what to install and what to not install. For example, size of Puppy ISO is not important. It could be 600mb or 4 Gb with no problem. Then when installing, Puppy ask what you want to have with your own Puppy. When all questions answered, installation program will make new ISO for You. If You for example don't need modem drivers they are not included to Your personal ISO. And so on. If this sound too "automatic", I can tell You many users may feel this much more comfortable.

kernel source
Username: kirk
"Barry, Could you upload the patched kernel source too? I've got some drivers I'd like to compile. Thanks

Username: puppyfan
"good news, can't wait .... I'm looking forward to remastering I usually do...with all versions since 2.01 ;) I don't agree that ISO-size doesn't matter. For me it does. I mean puppy is so sophisticated and there are so many fat distros out there -for every taste- and with all the puplets there should be something for everybody. And there's unleashed, so where's the problem ? If you like to click and pray, there are more expensive and time consuming ways to waste your lifetime. And it's real fun to work with puppy ! Don't understand me wrong, but did you try knoppix,sidux,kanotix,wolvix,...tbc You know - it's not the Dino`s who survived; the insects did best regards, puppyfan * puppy - something for everybody *

Smart Puppy
Username: dogone
"I rather enjoy thinking of Puppy as the "Smart Car" of the Linux world. It could be bigger and heavier but that's not its mission. It's mission is to be small and get me from A to B without costing an arm and leg {in time, energy and effort}. Those preferring something bigger may wish to visit the Ubuntu dealer across the street.

Username: pizzasgood
"The point here wasn't the size. It was the ability to pick and choose which parts of Puppy get installed. It actually wouldn't be very difficult since Puppy basically has this ability already in the remaster script. The only missing part is how to eliminate unwanted stuff, since PETget only shows the things that the user has installed. I haven't looked at the code for the latest incarnation of PETget, but it shouldn't be hard to add that ability. First, either have Puppy ship by default with the 0pkgs_db-xxx package intalled, or at least include the .files lists for all included applications (this would involve a small tweak to the unleashed system so that it would be automatic). Then add a new "section" to PETget that would only show the built-in packages. Since the new PETget already supports categorizing, this probably wouldn't be difficult. Other than documentation, that would be it. PETget should be able to handle the rest automatically. I mention documentation because of the whole "not really deleted" issue. It would be good to offer some sort of explanation so that the user doesn't blindly "uninstall" things and then complain that the space wasn't recovered. Used in conjunction with the remaster script, this would basically fulfill Ansu's request. For total fulfillment, perhaps add the ability to the Universal Installer to install directly from an ISO, and then add an option at the end of the remaster script to proceed directly into the installer.

Username: puppyfan
"So it's all about the possibility of just deselecting preinstalled packages when remastering ? get something like fatfree in the end ?..and not having a huge bunch of apps to choose from when remastering ? That probably wouldn't be bad, as long as you don't have to click 500times to remaster. Maybe a list which is read by the remaster-script containing the applications you want to exclude to avoid excessive clicking ? I usually don't care about the few apps i don't use/like because it's small anyways. .....reminds of YAST

Easier re-mastering
Username: dogone
"A more capable "re-master wizard" might well be the solution. Puppy could otherwise remain unchanged. Thus, it installs in the fast, convenient, and newbie friendly way we've come to trust AND permits whose motivated to create a personal Puppy by picking and choosing components. This wizard should permit only changes that are logical, practical and safe so as to discourage users from creating (and sharing) sick Puppies.

Kernel source
Username: BarryK
"kirk said: [i]Could you upload the patched kernel source too? I've got some drivers I'd like to compile.[/i] Ok, it's a deal, if you create an sfs file out of it -- I think it has become traditional that you have done that.

kernel source
Username: kirk
"No Problem. I want to compile the latest ATI fglrx driver and the Conexant modem driver Dell has here: This was reported on your blog a while back by chicks, I think. Anyway it the one made by Linuxant so the thought was that it could not be used without purchasing. But I just read the license and it says: "6. Redistribution. Permission to redistribute this software without modification is granted, without prejudice to Linuxant's ability to obtain reparation for any unauthorized distribution of previous versions of this software released under prior LICENSE terms." So it looks like Linuxant has decided to give this one away. People have reported that this one works at full speed too.

Increasing satellite speeds
Username: drongo
"Barry, there are a number of proprietary methods for increasing satellite bandwidth. As far as I can tell most of them just split the source file into a large number of smaller files and then send these in parallel. This would be relatively easy to do manually as long as you had some way of reassembling the pieces at the far end. TCP assumes that delay is caused by network congestion so it responds by decreasing the packet size. because satellites have a ~650ms delay the TCP sender thinks it is dealing with a very congested network. (FTP uses TCP - but I'm sure you knew that!)

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