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All kernel sources now at puptrix

May 27, 2008 — BarryK
I have uploaded the patched kernel and all third-party drivers (some of them patched by me to compile with the .6.25.4 kernel), as well as some howto notes. This repository is courtesy of Ted Dog:

I understand everyone is keen and I don't want to dampen the enthusiasm and desire to be helpful. However the situation with the alpha1 is we are exploring some fundmental concepts and that can result in things higher-up being broken. I have already emphasised that in this blog, reproducing from an earlier blog posting:

Please note that this 4.1alpha is just a snapshot for developers, it is not a bugfix release for 4.00. I cannot emphasise this enough. If you have 4.00, do not treat 4.1alpha as an upgrade. If you are not a developer who is specifically interested in the new feaures as announced recently in the blog, please stay away from this iso.

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