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Back at Dalwallinu!

May 15, 2008 — BarryK
Here I am again, back at the Telecentre at Dalwallinu. I came up by coach, left my relative's place at 7am, arrived here at 1.15pm. Quite a pleasant ride.

Anyway, I got here and found the car is not ready. The mechanic emailed me yesterday that is that it "should be ready on Thursday" as the engine head arrived back from Perth yesterday morning. But, as I found out when I arrived, the head bolts where not sent back.

They are coming overnight. The mechanic is putting me up for the night.

I'm so keen to get home and stuck into compiling the latest 2.6.25.x kernel.... but have to hang out here doing nothing ...I'll go and have a snooze on a park bench for awhile.


the head bolts where not sent back
Username: ANOSage
All very British! Obviously not quite ready to leave us yet? The EB may have been banned here? Certainly, many of their habits would violate EU Law. Still, having them all in one enclave makes the solution easier, not to say 'final'!

The EB
Username: nic2109
"The EB are, like so many extreme belief groups, highly fragmented. Another example in the UK is the way the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland has split into: "The Free ...."; "The Wee Free ..." and "The Wee, Wee Free" each of course more sound and pure and true than that from which they split. There's a funny story about the Taylorite Brethren's hatred of all things technological. As they eschew all things worldly they didn't allow televisions and radios and so on. But they did allow cassette players so they could distribute recording of sermons and lectures to the faihful. But they weren't allowed to use Phillips equipment (despite its popularity and prominence since they had invented the cassette tape). Why was Phillips banned? Because their packaging included the moto "Brings the World into your Home"!

Username: Ted Dog
"They got to my former girl friend, they do not appear very different from the beliefs of many Christians, but the exclusive methods are. Confused her good, caused our breakup. Clearful, they do not like open source :^)

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