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Boot scripts being rewritten

May 14, 2008 — BarryK
This a notice to any developer working in this area.

There are two fundamental changes, well no, three really:

1. Finally get rid of pcmcia-cs
2. All modules present, do not have to be fetched from 'zrdv'.
3. MODALIAS to load all modules.

That last one has been viable since the 2.6.12 kernel I think, I just haven't got up-to-date with kernel progress. In combination with all modules being present, loading the correct set of modules has become very simple.

I am right now in the process of rewriting some of the boot scripts. This includes rc.sysinit, rc.modules, rc.modules2, init -- and maybe more.

So, if you are working on these scripts in Puppy4, or plan to, please put it on hold until 4.1alpha comes out.

I currently running SeaMonkey version 2.0alpha1pre, from CVS yesterday. It's not yet redy for prime time.


init script
Username: Kazm
In the init script present bug with mounting VFAT partitions with pup_save: Is it real to correct this? Thanks. P.S. But in russian version we need it so: [ "$PUPSAVEFS" = "vfat" ] && SHORTNAME=',shortname=mixed,codepage=866,iocharset=utf8' mntfunc -t $PUPSAVEFS -o noatime$SHORTNAME /dev/$PUPSAVEDEV /mnt/dev_save

more frugal on same partition
Username: ferikenagy
"From version 3.01 puppy can be frugal installed on subdirectorie of partition (not only in root), but unfortunately if we desire to put different version of puppyies for example puppy301 and puppy4dingo on same partition but different subdirectories,booting of them will encounter problems. Grub will load correctly 'vmlinuz & initrd' files from coresponding subdirectories, but loading coresponding puppy files ,for each version from different directories fails. Puppy recognize-loads the location of own files (not from grub menu.lst) after parameter "PMEDIA=idehd",searching for 'idehd' first encountered file.But now we have each same file in each subdirectory (folder), so boot script stops finding the first encounter of 'idehd' on first subdirectory , and loads always the puppy files from that (first) folder, regardless that grub loaded the kernel from another folder and other version.One workaround could be to modify the boot script to accept and search after standard 'idehd'or say custom ex'idehd_1' mark files, exactly found in parameter PMEDIA=idehd_1.... Until this booting issue isn't solved, putting different versions/flavours of puppy on same partition simply won't work, although we could install puppy in it's own directory, we need different partition for each puppy.

1 Partition - 6 Puppies
Username: GeoW
"ferikenagy, I have 1 NTFS hard drive. It currently contains Windows XP Pro ( SP 2 ) and 6 versions of Puppy. I can run any of them from the grub menu. Here is a sample menu entry: title knl Puppy Linux 3.01 kernel (hd0,0)/puppy301/vmlin301 PMEDIA=idehd PDEV1=hda1 psubdir=puppy301 initrd (hd0,0)/puppy301/init301.gz boot The lines below the title line are all indented one space - so if yo see ( as I do ) a line that looks to be not indented, it is a wrapapround. They are all frugal installs. I think part of the key is the psubdir, but actually the different versions of puppy have diffferent .sfs file names and the save file should also be given a similarly different name. Renaming initrd and vmlinuz is a habit left over from when I thought these files needed to be in the root ( /mnt/home ). I don think it is needed but it is easy and I feel safer. The one exception is the devx files - I think they still need to be in the root, so there only the file's name keeps you from conflicts. Hope This Helps, GeoW

Indent Gone
Username: GeoW
" I see that the comment editor has removed my indentations and reformatted. the psubdir=puppy301 is part of the kernel line. GeoW

Parallel scripts
Username: Tony
"Hi Barry, any chance of looking at running scripts in parallel? Combine this with Puppy's small size and the fastboot option and you would have a very fast system start time. Thanks

force pupmode=13
Username: hairywill
"Barry I can't remember if I pointed you at this before. It looks like some ideflash adapters don't list the card as removeable. This means that pupmode gets stuck at 12 not 13. This could be fixed by testing for pmedia=ideflash, fix here

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