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Feedback for 4.00SC

May 04, 2008 — BarryK
Here is the feedback thread in the forum for 4.00SC:

This is the Sanity Check release, to report anything important before the final comes out. Or some small thing that I can easily fix.


Username: wildwolf
I love the new script that uses rp-pppoe. I got connected to the interned for the first time since I'm using puppy. (I've been using it only for about 2 weeks. :P ) I think the icons for the drives in the computer should appear by default. I can't get my sound to work. I have an ASUS p3pl2 motherboard with onboard sound. What should I do?

GParted 0.3.7
Username: coolpup
"Latest release (29 April 2008)

Database for Final?
Username: WhoDo
"@BarryK Thought you might want to consider adding Portabase to Dingo. See this thread for details and screenshot

RP-PPPOE setup and MTU value
Username: happypuppy
"The tiny wizard is very nice,but it would be even better if the RP-PPPOE CLI wizard asked about changing the MTU value of the PPPOE connection.By default the MTU is set to 1412 = unoptimized for maximum throughput.There should be a prompt to choose between the default (1412) for compatibility with mixed networks and 1452 for a standalone PC.

Warning! Puppy (JWM?) has a serious issue
Username: happypuppy
"Before releasing the final,I'd like to warn you of a very serious issue with Puppy when using the "outline" mode for moving/resizing windows. You can test this by playing a song/video in gxine,while moving another window in the process.The video/music will begin to skip after you move the window a certain distance.That doesn't look so bad until you try this: Try to move the window a bit and then stop moving the mouse while still holding down the mouse button. The *whole system* comes down to a halt (!) until you release the button. Imagine the problems that may arise when using Puppy on a very high-resolution monitor and moving windows from one corner to another. It can possibly lead to loss of data / data corruption if you do this while transfering data. TIP: For a more dramatic experience,try the same with PStopwatch. Fortunately,there is no such issue when setting the window behavior to "opaque".Even though it uses a bit more CPU,this setting should be the default in Puppy 4.00 Final. Other useful settings that could be added to the wizards: * The Mouse settings wizard is missing an option to set the default number of lines to scroll when using the scrollwheel * The JWM settings wizard should have 2 more options for setting the window move/resize behavior (with a warning) and for disabling the window coordinates box that appears when moving windows. P.S. Don't forget to update PBurn and SeaMonkey as well ;)

ECS-D25 Notebook issues
Username: metre9dmt
"Just run Dingo at this laptop. Specs of the laptop are: Intel T1300 1.66 Ghz, 1.5 Gb RAM, 80 Gb hard drive, ATI 200M Chipset, ATI Radeon Xpress 200M (128 MB), Agere Sound Card and Modem, DVD RW and ethernet port. Other than everything is working fine except for the sound card (Agere Systems HDA Modem and Sound Card). Any workaround with this problem?

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