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Firmware loading now works

May 27, 2008 — BarryK
I found what was wrong. I do not have any hardware that needs firmware, or rather I do... one of my PCs has a wireless network card that requires the 'acx' module, but it never worked (it doesn't do WPA either) and I have always used Ndiswrapper for that card. So I left the 'acx' module out of 4.1alpha1.

Well, Ndiswrapper needs firmware too. Anyway, I compiled the 'acx' module, burnt a CD, booted up, and did some testing to find out why the requested firmware was not loading. It turns out that a simple change is required. Line 308 needs to look like this:

add@/*/firmware/*) #v4.02 add@/class/firmware/*)

I don't recall why I thought the uevent had to be "add@/class/firmware/*", maybe I was testing on the kernel. Testing on the kernel the message is of the form "add@/devices/*/firmware/*" but to play safe and to cover the original case I have made the test for "add@/*/firmware/*".

So, add this to the other two fixes I posted earlier today.

Actually, there have been two fixes to pup_eventd as well a the two posted about rc.modules(2). Line 308 on in pup_eventd looks like this:

add@/*/firmware/*) #v4.02 add@/class/firmware/*)
if [ -e /sys${DEVPATH}/loading -a "$FIRMWARE" != "" ];then
fndFIRMWARE="`find /lib/firmware -type f -name ${FIRMWARE}`"
if [ "$fndFIRMWARE" != "" ];then
echo 1 > /sys$DEVPATH/loading
cat "$fndFIRMWARE" > /sys$DEVPATH/data
echo 0 > /sys$DEVPATH/loading
echo -1 > /sys$DEVPATH/loading



Username: kirk
"Your too quick for me. I was just getting on line to post the problem with line 308. I'll post the kernel sfs file tonight when I get home.

Username: kirk
"Not sure why yet. After fixing pup_eventd, if I reboot, my ipw2200 still doesn't get it's firmware. It hangs in the boot process waiting for the firmware to load for a minute or two. Then if I rmmod ipw2200 and modprode ipw2200, the firmware loads. During boot does something else handle the loading of firmware?

Re: hotplug2sdtout source
Username: BarryK
"Nathan, I have uploaded the source to here:

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