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Glade3 upgraded

May 13, 2008 — BarryK
I have compiled the latest Glade3, version 3.5.2, and this will be in the next 'devx' file.

I have been intrigued by the discussion on a GTK C IDE for Puppy here:


g77 ?

Username: MU
"The basic Gnome-libs (2.19) were provided by wow, he created them for the "gdesklets". I added the files required to run Anjuta. wow also made a more complete SFS of Gnome 2.20, so you would have to install less pets. I will try to make a sfs from Slackware-gnome soon, and could include Anjuta then. But this may take 2-3 weeks, as it requires a fundamental upgrade of Muppy (must remove old Gnome 2.19 libs used by gdesklets, and upgrade to Gtk 2.12). Mark

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