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Puppy 4.00SC

May 02, 2008 — BarryK
SC = Sanity Check

Get it from here:

I'm uploading from the Telecentre at Dalwallinu, and have been here almost two hours, and the 2.6.25 build is taking too long -- I don't want to go over two hours as I'll have to pay for another half hour.

But, I see onlne that my motel has Internet access, so I'll back there soon and try again. For uploading the 2.6.25 build that is, the build has uploaded successfully.


Who's Boss
Username: GeoW
Barry, I guess you showed them! Nobody is going to force you to rest! GeoW

21.7 Up & Running
Username: GeoW
"Puppy 4.00 SC on 21.7 kernel is up and seems to be running well. The 25 kernel gave me a bad MD5 check so I will DL again. Devx passed MD5. GeoW

firmware fix
Username: tempestuous
"Barry, Last minute fix - I just discovered that the new b43 module in the 2.6.25 kernel requires different firmware than we had for the earlier bcm43xx module. Instructions to build the "b43-fwcutter" utility and extract the firmware are here - under "You are using the b43 driver from linux-2.6.25 or newer" The firmware should ultimately be located in /lib/firmware/b43 Or if you prefer, I just attached the firmware to the main forum as a dotpet

25 kern bad md5
Username: GeoW
"2 tries now - the 25 kernel version does not pass md5 check. GeoW

firmware fix cont.
Username: tempestuous
"Oops, more reading reveals that different firmware again is required for older "legacy" bcm chipsets. I just attached this extra firmware to the same forum thread as before. The firmware.dep script should list both sets of firmware for installation when the b43 module is first loaded. Then the b43 module will automatically choose which firmware to use when it detects the exact chipset in use.

46 MByte for 25 kernel?
Username: GeorgR
"File size of the 25 kernel is under 46 MBytes? 21 kernel is running very well.

firmware correction
Username: tempestuous
"Sorry, another error: I thought there was only a single module, but I see now that there is a separate module called b43legacy. Obviously there's a different set of firmware for each module. Good to see you back on the forum pakt. And good to see you're still using the old kernel!

Bad MD5 on 2.6.25
Username: samdude9
"Third attempt at downloading the .25 version - fails md5 everytime so far :/ UPDATE: While I was writing this the next download finished, still wrong md5 it has: 729948dc2acff330d94c1784044f421f not: ee36db218b0adcdf5a7cab587b9fc776 :(

My attempts
Username: Prit1
"Barry, I have the same issue with .25 downloads as mentioned by samdude9. MD5 is incorrect. I also get the second MD5 mentioned by samdude9. I tried booting my Averatec 3200 with .21.7 kernel dingo, wireless is not detected (similar to 3.99 - not even in Pwireless). 3.98 could however detect wireless.

WARNING: Incomplete file
Username: happypuppy
"Don't bother (re)downloading that file again. The upload is definitely incomplete (only 48MB in size). What a shame.I just wanted to test that new cutting-edge 2.6.25 build.I'm not interested in any of the older kernel builds :(

Missing Icons
Username: GeoW
" The icons: floppy, home, ... ,cdrom no longer appear art the bottom of the screen. I don't remember you saying you were going to leave them out. GeoW

Icons Back
Username: GeoW
" Prit1, You are exactly right. My icons are back. Now I will read back to find out why they were off. Thank You, GeoW

2.6.25 fixed?
Username: samdude9
"Hi, I was just checking to see if .25 was has been reuploaded? As I saw on the ftp it's size changed from exactly 47,000KB to 48xxxKB, any word? Thanks all Sam

Good name
"Awaiting the complete later kernel (many thanks for doing that Barry) Wanted also to say that release "SC" Sanity check is much better than RC2, RC3 etc for the final beta, nice one!

Dingo Download news
Username: Lobster
"Will Barry get to Perth? Will the new kernel be available? News of Dingo as it happens . . .

Not yet...
Username: samdude9
"...Find out next week on... The Puppy Release Show! ;P Sam

Not yet...
Username: samdude9
"...Find out next week on... The Puppy Release Show! ;P Sam

Re: the .25 build
Username: BarryK
"Well, my latest post explains all. Big delay, but it's uploading right now. Tempestuous, yes I know all about the firmware for b43 and b43legacy. The .25 build has it all. Yes, HotPup is off by default. The reason for this is that it has many unresolved issues. Not sure if I can think of them all right now.... 1. Mounts ntfs r.o. 2. If unmount a partition with anything else, such as Pmount, HotPup continues to show it as mounted. 3. text hidden in some resolutions.

Re: b43
Username: BarryK
"tempestuous, There are two different modules, b43.ko and b43legacy.ko.

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