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Puppy Dingo 4.00 released

May 05, 2008 — BarryK
It's out! See the announcement and release notes here:

Download from:
or from a mirror. Such as:

Please do note that the build with 2.6.25 kernel is less mature. You may have more trouble with setting up wireless, and on some hardware there seems to be a problem with recognition of USB (this should be easy to work around, monitor this blog and the forum -- probably just a driver not getting loaded).


Pup 400 k21.7 works
Username: GeoW
Barry, You have amazing speed. I've downloaded both versions. This is the 21.7 kernel version. Now I will go test the 25. Great job, GeoW

Pup 400 k25 works too
Username: GeoW
" Now I need to reboot Windows - defrag so I can have a save file. GeoW

Kernel source for 2.6.25
Username: Kirk
"Barry, Did you post the patched kernel source for 2.6.25?

Username: sanb
"BIG THANKS Barry!!! from Russia with love)

Username: Subito Piano
"Baryy -- kudos!! This is one SWEET Puppy! Love the new automount feature -- the classy GTK themes and the icon swticher are nice touches as well. Fotox remains another thoughtful feature...and i realize there is lots more under the hood...but i gotta get back to work...sigh... Thanks again so much! "Puppy just keeps getting better!"

Re: 2.6.25 source
Username: BarryK
"No, I have notuploaded the patched source for 2.6.25, nor the 3rd party drivers. I'm going to be moving up the the (or .2) very soon, like in about a week, and 4.1alpha will be out soon after. So, expect the 2.6.25.x and 3rd party driver sources in about 1 - 2 weeks. Besides, I'm stuck in Perth right now as my car has broken down, and my PC with all the kernel sources, patches, drivers etc is on another PC at home. I am expecting my car to be fixed by Saturday and I should be able to get up there (Dalwallinu, where it broke down) by Monday or Tuesday.

Username: Prit1
"Barry, The issues with wireless I reported were because I used the latest kernel. I moved back to the preferred one and rebooted several times and my wireless is working fine now. Thanks for the great release. One of my desires for a future release would be to see Gxine not crashing anymore. :) Also, this time somehow the download speed at ibiblio was around 500Kb/s. Cool. Regards, Prit

disappearing kernels
Username: paulh
"I downloaded k2.6.25 from nluug last night, but this morning can't get on to it for k2.6.21 doesn't seem to have either version of the 400 final, and ibliblio only has I see that ther are two different devx_400.sfs available -- assuming devx_400 is for k2.6.21.7 ?

Username: paul
"ok sorry -- posted that 1 minute before Barry updated his post. question re devx still stands though paul

Re: devx
Username: BarryK
""I see that there are two different devx_400.sfs available -- assuming devx_400 is for k2.6.21.7 ?" Yes

Username: wildwolf
"Nice to see you got the final version done. Keep up the good work. How to upgrade an existing puppy instalation on a rewritable DVD? I now have the 4.0rc and because I got it to connect to the internet for the first time (with the new rp-pppoe script) I customised it and i wouldn't want to start from scratch.

Upgrade Problems
"In the course of upgrading from 3.01 to 4.00, all goes well until it tries to run the Xwizard. I can't get either xorg or xvesa to work. When I do a 'puppy pfix=ram' with 4.00 everything works just fine. Any suggestions?

Reporting bugs
Username: BarryK
"Please go to the 'Bugs' section of the forum to report bugs:

Linux kernel
Username: coolpup
"The latest stable version of the Linux kernel.

Username: BarryK
"Wow, those maintenance releases are coming out fast! Either they are very enthusiastic or they are finding lots of bugs. Regarding a failed upgrade from 3.01, if desperate try booting with 'puppy pfix=purge'. It's a radical cleanup and you could loose something that you installed though.

Linux Kernel
Username: coolpup
"The latest stable version of the Linux kernel.

hate to say that
Username: windows user
"i hate to say i love this!! THANX A LOT TO EVERY DEVELOPER WHO IS INVOLVED! this is my rescure system for all my computers. fact, i had it running now on my own pc as a desktop replacement for my well loved windows. byebye good old days. since im not playing anymore, puppylinux has made me addicted to linux. i have not figured out how to get the deluge torrent client working, but it only could be a question of time.. or help ;-) so guys, again: thanx for ure work Bene

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