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Regarding the clipboard

May 18, 2008 — BarryK
A few people have complained that the clipboard does not work "properly" in Puppy4. Actually, it is working properly, it is in earlier puppies that it was made to work abnormally.

What I mean by that is prior puppies had a utility daemon application that kept the cut-buffer, selection-buffer and clipboard synchronized.

Puppy 4.00 does not have this daemon, so behaves "normally", that is, like any normal Linux or Unix system. The various buffers are still usable, but it is a bit different, just a matter of getting used to.

However, since one or two people have been complaining repeatedly about this, and have not understood that the situation is just now the normal Linux/Unix setup, perhaps I will put autocutsel back in for 4.1.

I originally took it out as I wanted to reduce the number of daemons running.

Here is part of the readme for autocutsel:

Recent desktop applications (GNOME, KDE, ...) use two selections: the PRIMARY and the CLIPBOARD. The PRIMARY selection is used when you select some text with the mouse. You usually paste it using the middle button. The CLIPBOARD selection is used when you copy text by using, for example, the Edit/Copy menu. You may paste it using the Edit/Paste menu.


Username: eprv
Hi, I think Autocustel could be a pet program there is no real need of it for most users.

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