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Review of 5 mini distros

May 05, 2008 — BarryK
Forum member cthisbear discovered the first review of Puppy 4.00:

However, the reviewer tested the 2.6.25 kernel build, which is not as mature. The USB mouse would have worked with the build. Ndiswrapper works fine to. So really the rating should have been 5/5!

Note also, the build is 87.1MB.

I must emphasize, the build is the one to use! Perhaps I should move the 2.6.25 build into a 'testing' subdirectory so it isn't chosen first.

Okay, I have moved the 2.6.25 build into test/puppy-4.00-with-2.6.25-kernel/ directory at ibiblio.



Username: cthisbear
"Barry: Glad you liked the review post. ::::::::::::: Before you kill or maim yourself with the Windmill, please read my entry in your blog about the hinge. Sage won't be happy if you decease yourself, ( I am a grammar thief )... before you have enabled scssi harddrive support. """"""""""""""" I hope that some donations appear your way to help you with your car. "Optional!
 Regards Chris.

No Puppy on NLUUG.NL?
Username: GeorgR
"No directory "puppylinux" on NLUUG.NL anymore? (So petget only works with the slowly side.) Any information about NLUUG.NL?

Puppy on NLUUG is working
Username: GeorgR
"puppylinux is back on NLUUG: Strange - the puppylinux folder disappears for several times during the last 3 days....

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