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Testimonial about Puppy4

May 19, 2008 — BarryK
A have been receiving personal communications via email, forum pm and postal, with testimonials about success with Puppy4. It's really great that there are so many happy experiences. I thought that I would share part of a letter that I received on Friday, from "Joe":

About a year ago I decided to checkout Linux and I know nothing about Linux and I wasted a lot of time, kubuntu, xubuntu, and others that would not boot on my old machine (500 cel, 440LX, onboard ATI vid and cs46xx aud.) and some of the small dist. didn't work or wouldn't let me do anything because I wasn't root or something.

I decided to forget linux, then I ran across Puppy, I tried 214 and it mostly worked, browser was good and I could print, but if I tried to mount my 2nd cdrom it would freeze and had to kill power, I couldn't record from line in, most of the boot ups couldn't get DHCP and would waste a minute, but hey it was better than anything else I had tried and there was none of the root nonsense.

Each new release got better and DINGO is super, everything works, I can record from line, I can burn cd (that 2nd cdrom is my burner) bootup is fast and gets DHCP every time and the package manager making apps from the 2 and 3 series is great.

The only thing that no Puppy (so far) can do is shut this thing off, I have to hit the reset.



Why Puppy
Username: metre9dmt
"It is wonderful to hear users who are fond of Puppy Linux. My sheer frustration with the size and added hardships of other distributions almost made me give up with Linux. Thanks to Barry and PL volunteer-developers, they made strides to make Puppy Linux better with each new version. It has become much easier to use Puppy Linux. It is not a perfect distribution, I think no distribution will ever be, but it has a nice balance of advanced features and user-friendliness. I hope and pray that Barry and the rest of the PL volunteer-developers continue their efforts to make a better version. Bow wow wow! 8-)

passwords on blog?
Username: prehistoric3
"For someone who wakes up in the middle of the night and checks your blog, entering the password only once and then correctly reproducing it every time afterward is a problem. Even I can barely remember the time when people learned to require two entries every time a password was defined. There is "minimalist" and then there is sub-minimal.

Username: WN2A
"Puppy 4.00 is easily the best version of the most useful distro I have tried. My Linux experience roughly parallels "Joe's" testimonial. This newest Puppy runs on everything from a PII/400MHz to recent P4 boxes and a PIII laptop with WiFi. All previous apps are doing fine, with new gtk2 apps added. Wine 1.0 rc is OK,too. Compiling with devx_400 works just fine. Add to that, the excellent forum support--what more could one want?

re Testimonial
Username: coolpup
" I like Puppy. Puppy is good. Puppy has to be good since it is the only distribution that provides the multi-session live-DVD support that I require.

My own short Testimonial
Username: lihuyt
"I had the same problem as "Joe", I have tried xubuntu, kubuntu, openSUSE and many more, but they have been either such overkills, or they have been CPU haters, so I too "gave Linux up". I hoped that one day something would change this feeling, and there it was, Dingo, Puppy 4.00 was the second time I tried Puppy, last time was a year ago, but this time (actually on the release date) I grabbed me a copy, burned it to a CD and tested it out. Hallelujah, it not only worked, it rocked! At first I was kind of irritated about Seamonkey since I am a Firefox-addict, but after I figured out how simple it was to download & unzip firefox, and how ridiculously simple it was to change standard browser I was thrilled. Now I use Puppy all the time on with Live-CD on my slow-ass Windows XP PC whenever I want things to go faster than one click every ten seconds (a bit harsh). Anyway, I love Puppy Linux, and when Steam finally finish their Linux distro, I will start the slow, but shure migration over to Puppy Linux (for everything but some of the animation work at do at my college). I<3Pup

Nice review about Puppy
Username: metre9dmt
"Just to show you how good Puppy Linux is, follow the link: It has a nice review on how Dingo run on old Dell laptop. Enjoy!!! Bowwowwow!!!

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