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The saga of the ears

May 11, 2008 — BarryK
Forum member rastapax designed the logo that I'm using at, after moving recently to my new site. Until today that was a button with a face in it, sans ears. Here it is at 320x320:

However, that has been criticized as looking like either a seal or a beach ball.

Rastapax has also created a variation with stylistic ears, and I have just now put this onto my site. Here it is, at 96x96:
UPDATE: this link now has the latest with ears from afgs:

Forum member afgs has also contributed a creation with ears:
That looks really nice. The problem I have with it is I want the logo to have equal horizontal and vertical dimensions without empty space on the top and bottom.

Anyone else feel creative? You are welcome to give it a go. use the big 320x320 image to work on, and the main criterion is that it must stay square without introducing empty space on the sides.

Note that the basic style of the face that rastapax created has been adopted generically for Puppy and also forms the basis of the logo used at (not inserted into a beach ball though! -- but I chose a button as it fits in with my site theme)

Here is the main forum thread where rastapax and others have contributed many nice logos:


The ears have it

Seal, Cat and Puppy
Username: Cuepup
"Yes, rastapax's logo sans ears is a seal, and the one with black traingle ears is a cat.:doh: afgs' version IS a puppy.:happy:

Username: nic2109
"ANOSage is right: the image is important. It needs to be friendly but NOT fluffy. WE know that Puppy is fast, agile and has real teeth, but we don't want to give the impression to the world that it's just cute and nothing more. So; the flower has to go!

Username: Feverfew
"[img][/img] "With ears from afgs" go's with everything and looks good when small. Thar's one company that has a possible claim "BlueDog inc." (there business model appears to be FOSS related) There logo doesn't look anything like "with ears from afgs". I guess it all depends on how litigious thy are. Others need to check this out the inter-web is a big place after all. [img][/img] Yellow looks good too bad theirs a Yellow Dog distro already :roll:. [img][/img] I thought the main argument about Ubuntu's look and feel is centered around the over use of brown. Now why use brown (or shads their of)? maybe because their logo go's with so few colors :wink:.

Re: logo colors
Username: BarryK
"Feverfew, would you mind creating 'afgs with ears' logo at the full 320x320 and in two colors: the same true-blue as the original "beach ball" from rastapax, and in that brown color that you have just posted. Yes, I think that a "less cute" color is needed, and the yellowish one you posted, and that sea-green color from afgs are in the too-cute category. My skills with editing images are so rudimentary, I know I won't get the colors right if I try to do it myself!

Brightness and Contrast
Username: Feverfew
":doh::worried: I just had a thought maybe for others the dark-blue is liter then how I see it. For me It is so dark that its really hard to see detail on for example "WhoDo`s pup logo" everything it sits against contrasts vary badly with it.

By request.
Username: Feverfew

Of logos and language
Username: ANOSage
"Let's face it, nobody's perfect. The question is how to put this without hurting important people's feelings? Notwithstanding, Aussies tend to be a lot more direct and robust than most. Some of us are having great difficulty with, inter alia, :- two, too, and to there, their, their's and there's And the word 'liter' is another b*st*rdised American spelling of the liquid measure 'litre', which they don't use except at NASA. 'Lighter' describes a colour shading in this context. Now that Puppy and our Dear Leader have been elevated to third most important developments/developer in the world, might I recommend a Complete Plain Words as useful bedtime reading. A flamethrower might be more appropriate for Mr Webster's abomination. Logo? I like the brown one with ear'oles (sic)!

Username: Feverfew
"[img][/img] [img][/img]

true blue puppy button
Username: afgs
" <img src= />

The Destroyer of Words Cometh
Username: Feverfew
"@ANOSage Thank you for helpfully bb-qing my chronically-off use of the English language. Flamethrower not with standing I rely heavily on the blogs spell checker and google to fix my spelling and grammar. So again thanks.:n_n:

Word destroyer-in-chief
Username: ANOSage
"Sir Ernest Gowers is king in my book! Accept no substitutes - his magnum opus is available in paperback, even in former colonies, at your corner bookshop/bookstore. A gud reed an' a gud laff, two. Cheep at twice the prix - everyone should have it. true-blue_brown is fantastic - y'u da man.

DistroWatch ranking
Username: coolpup
"For those who have not yet seen it, as Sage has so aptly put it, "Puppy and our Dear Leader have been elevated to third most important" position for the last-7-days view. For me, Puppy already ranks No.1

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