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Wind turbine links

May 01, 2008 — BarryK
For anyone who is interested, here is a link to Jaycar Electronics, the people I bought my wind turbine from. This URL is to their page on the turbine:

It's a complete kit, with 4.5m hinged tower, guy wires and stakes. However, I need more height to clear the trees, but I do intend to use the tower parts supplied with the kit, just raise it up an extra 3 metres. And mine is planned to be free-standing.

This is what it looks like if erected with the tower supplied with the kit:


Wind turbine links, and a minor bug
Username: Feverfew
Wind turbine. Sweeet:cool: When I click a photo it opens mtpaint not foxopho ...darn. You now Anyway I don't mind...But it fly's in the face of tradition and thus some (maybe a lot) well see a bug. **************** The two (make that tree) best sites I have ever found on home built power-gen's, among other things., wind turbines, 'n' good stuff (I've been reading this site from about 2003ish. It's the best, most complete one-stop-shop I've ever seen. "Alternative energy solutions" ya, it's that to but mostly it's Bad-Ass super reliable slow-speed diesels (check out "10 horsepower Chevy Auto" It's Freaking Awesome) I almost forget the kitchen sink lol. Creating through fire :)

"Windy" Puppy
Username: dogone
"I can see it now. "Puppy v5, 'Airy Airedale', will be delayed on account of wind. Barry's Code Compiling Rotary Electron Pump is down pending a pressure gradient." Candidate names for following wind-powered Puppies: "Breezy Beagle", "Cool Cocker", "Dusty Dalmatian... Remind you of another Linux project?

More info
Username: dogle
"I'd add that the Danish Wind Industry Association website is a good source of simple theory and related 'gen. (For the serious stuff on wind performance ISBN 0-85334-698-4 Aynsley "Architectural Aerodynamics" is a real classic but hard to find - I see no listing at Perth library).

Username: mvisconte
"Somebody already commented that there are cows in the picture, so I can't pretend that "gee, those puppies got pretty big!" I will answer the "how do they keep them from rubbing against the wind turbine..." Keep it turned on? When it's turned on, doesn't the wind it generated keep blowing them back? :-O

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