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Drive icons improved, tmpfs on /tmp, small screen

June 01, 2008 — BarryK
Drive icons improved
I have done a lot more work on the desktop drive icons. This snapshot has been updated:

Also this web page has been updated:

tmpfs on /tmp
When Puppy is running with an even-numbered PUPMODE, the top layer of the Unionfs is the actual pup_save.2fs or save partition. There is no RAM tmpfs layer on top. This means that /tmp is also in the physical storage, which does result in extra saves to the hard drive. /tmp though, by its very nature, is temporary storage, so there is no need to save its files at all. For that reason, some earlier versions of Puppy had a tmpfs mounted on /tmp.

The tmpfs on /tmp was abandoned at some stage, I don't recall exactly what versions ofPuppy had it. The reason for doing away with it was that if it gets full then weird things can happen.

I have brought it back for 4.1alpha2. I have taken the precaution of assigning more space to the tmpfs when it is mounted on /tmp. I think that it is importantto reduce hard-drive writes as much as possible.

Small screen


Drive Mounting
Username: dogone
Barry. I like this drive management scheme. It combines the benefits of hotplug and pmount, is space efficient, flexible and can be refined and extended via the Event Manager dialog. Nice work!

Mounted or munted
Username: jeffrey
"I think that the advances that you're making in user-friendly, intuitive access to removable devices is really great. However, perhaps MNTD isn't the best for an icon. It's a cryptic reference to a UNIX term which is itself rather cryptic. Perhaps a colour indication would be best. I use a green pen drive icon to open (mount) my pen-drive (and compare its boot sector with what was there previously in case I catch a virus) and a red icon to close it. "OPEN" would be much better than "MNTD", but even "OPEN" ties the desktop to English, so colour sounds better and better. Just my cosmetic thoughts.

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