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Fix for pup_bootd and pup_eventd

June 11, 2008 — BarryK
Rerwin reported that 'pup_bootd' script was crashing. This script is a cutdown version of 'pup_eventd' that is used at bootup only for loading firmware.

The problem was that 'hotplug2sdout' passes in space-delimited parameters, like this:
ACTION=remove DEVPATH=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb5/5-2/usb_endpoint/usbdev5.3_ep00 SUBSYSTEM=usb_endpoint MAJOR=254 MINOR=12 SEQNUM=1123

My script changed the spaces to carriage-returns then ran it through 'eval' so that the script can use the variables. However, rerwin had a case where a variable had a space in it, like this:
VARIABLEX="this is test (CF)"

So my script got broken. However, I found that 'eval' can handle the variables fed to it with space-delimiters, so there was no need to convert the delimiters to carriage-returns.

However, I did a test on the commandline:
# eval VARIABLEX="this is test (CF)"

and it gives an error. So I changed the eval line in the script to:
eval `echo "$EXTRAFIELDS"`


fix password showing for encrypted pup_save
Username: hairywill
Barry, password word entry is echoed to console for encrypted pup_saves, see here

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