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Install USB fixed, Unionfs crashing, ROX-Filer updated

June 14, 2008 — BarryK
Install USB fixed
Feedback for 4.1alpha2 reports that the Universal Installer install to USB drive is broken. Fixed.

Unionfs crashing
Having fixed the install to USB, I have been testing booting off a Flash drive. Unfortunately, Unionfs crashes often (version 2.3.3). I am on the Unionfs mail list, and I recall recent mail about crashing -- I will look at that, if it isn't fixed then I'll make a bug report.

This means I am going to have to recompile the kernel, so this time I had better play safe and also compile the Aufs module. I think that Aufs needs one or more kernel patches to work optimally, so I'll do those too. I have already got the latest Aufs out of CVS.

Note, we have been recently discussing Unionfs versus Aufs on the forum:

ROX-Filer updated
We have used v2.6.1 for a long time, since Puppy 2.17 I think, and it has been very reliable. I have compiled the latest, 2.8, and it seems to be working ok. The thing is though, I can't see any point in upgrading, as 2.8 doesn't seem to add anything new.


Username: kirk
Barry, I just compiled the latest kernel with AUFS. AUFS needs the splice patch. But the one included with AUFS won't apply if you've already patched the kernel for unionfs. The AUFS author seems to be trying to get AUFS in --mm. I saw a thread where he made a new splice patch that plays well with unionfs, didn't find the patch though.

uUnionfs and ROX
Username: dogone
"For what it's worth Barry, I've see occasional unionfs errors during shutdown - following save to pup_save - since 4.0. I'm not sure how to capture the output as it precedes shutdown. It appears unionfs has trouble reconciling the state of the file system and seems related to how much has changed during the session. Any suggestions as to how I might capture the error out? As for ROX, I'd stick with what works unless the current release offers something of import.

Recompile kernel
Username: BarryK
"Ah that's good. As I have to recompile the kernel, I took a look at the Dazuko homepage: Dazuko had not been updated for the 2.6.25 kernel so I left it out, but now it has been upgraded. The Dazuko module is used by anti-virus applications. I can't find the aufs patch for splice that works nicely with unionfs. From the aufs mail-list there do seem to be issues with aufs and unionfs living together in the same kernel. I have reported a bug to the unionfs developers, so perhaps for now I'll just wait awhile and see what they come up with. I've been reading the aufs mail-list. Still a lot of issues with synchronising moving files between layers.

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