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Kernel progress, various new apps

June 26, 2008 — BarryK kernel
Progress notes on the kernel. It has five patches, squashfs 3.3, unionfs 2.3.3, Dazuko 2.3.5, change default loglevel for 7 to 3, and a fix for .cis long filenames (see Dougal's recent post to this blog).

I decided not to put in any LZMA patch, as I looked at the ways in which I am now building Puppy and decided that there is not much gain. I always try to keep patches to a minimum, based on past experience.

When configuring prior to compiling the kernel, I chose not to enable CONFIG_NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE and CONFIG_NET_SCHEDULE after reading the help information provided with them. Thes are options that tempestuous discovered are recommended for wifi.

I also configured Dazuko to not be enabled by default. This new version of Dazuko cannot be built as a module -- probably this is a security measure. It has to be enabled at bootup with the kernel boot parameter 'dazuko=1'. Note that Dazuko is used by various virus checking applications.

I have got stuck at compiling Aufs. This is compiled as a separate module, however I get a compile failure and I am currently communicating with Junjiro Okajima, the author of Aufs, about this.

I have upgraded Nathan's 'programchooser' to version 0.3. This is a utility used by Nathan's new Wallpaper Setter.

I have replaced my original pupX creation with Nathan's improved version 0.2.

Xlock GUI
The screen lock icon at top-right of screen has been upgraded by Nathan. Until now, the this has been included in the 'xlockmore-5.20.1patched' package. However Nathan has now separated it from the 'xlock' executable in the xlockmore package, and we now have 'xlock_gui-0.2'.

Nathan's excellent Wallpaper Setter GUI application has been upgraded to version 0.5.

This is a nice utility application written in FreeBASIC by MU (Mark). It's nice to see FreeBASIC getting used. I have created 'buttondialog-0.1' PET package that will be in 4.1alpha3, but the package has no docs. There does not seem to be a help file as-such, unless I missed it, but you can find out more on the forum:


Username: MU
no, there are no docs. I wrote this by looking at the Gtk-examples of Freebasic. Things I could not find, I looked up in the documentation of The Freebasic Gtk-syntax is very close to the C funktions, so that reference is a "must". Compared to C programs, Freebasic is much easier, as you don't have to deal with pointers of freeing memory. Apart from that, programslook quite similar to C programs. Mark

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