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PCMCIA wifi recognised at bootup

June 21, 2008 — BarryK
Yay, I fixed it

As I posted earlier, my D-Link DWL-G630 PCMCIA wifi card worked after I hotplugged it, but the modules did not load at bootup. I identified the basic problem with the kernel not generating a uevent after detecting the hardware.

The way I have solved it is by executing 'udevtrigger --attr-match=modalias' a bit later in the bootup. That is, 'udevtrigger' (without any parameters) is executed in rc.modules, then 'udevtrigger --attr-match=modalias' is executed in rc.modules2. This catches the wayward interface and is a generic solution that should also work for other hardware.

I'm using this PCMCIA wifi card right now. It uses the rt61pci module, and my laptop's inbuilt wifi uses the ath5k module. I have not blacklisted the latter so both are loaded and there is no problem. The PCMCIA card is wlan1 and the inbuilt wifi is wlan0.

Plans for the immediate future:

Urban soul's network wizard patch
I will patch the wizard and upload it to ibiblio, should be within the next 24 hours. Then anyone who want to hack on the wizard will have the same code to work on.

PCMCIA recognition in initrd


encryption success
Username: tempestuous
Barry, good news. Forum member ohyes got WPA2 encryption working under Puppy4.1alpha2 using the upgraded wifi drivers - I have asked him to re-check that the standard wifi drivers fail. Subject to this confirmation, it appears that upgraded wifi drivers from are a critical improvement for Puppy 4.1.

some help
Username: China Mike
"Hi Mr. K! I also have a removable WiFi card that I would like to try out on my laptop with Lucid Puppy (or my Puppy 4 installation--both on HD). My laptop also has WiFi "in the lid" like yours, and it also uses wlan0. I am new to Linux and trying to do some basic things I find here at the Puppy forums. Can you tell me a bit more HOW I would do what you suggested above to be able to use BOTH my WiFi antennae? I get that I need to add some code to something "a bit later in the bootup" but...! How??? Also, didn't know you lost Puppy! My grandfather had a chihuahua when I was growig up, same color too! His name was Tap and he only had one eye, because he lost the other in a dog fight! He looked kind of like Popeye the Sailor! china "dot" mike "at" hotmail "dot" com Thank you for your time

Username: BarryK
"You are responding to a blog post made in 2008. It does not apply to recent puppies. Your problem is probably fixed in recent Woof. Lucid Puppy 5.2.5 is using a slightly older Woof that does not have that fix. Try Wary 5.1.2, which does have the fix.

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