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pupX fixed

June 09, 2008 — BarryK
Forum member dansolo (Daniel) sent me a pm that when the pupX application (our GTK2 frontend for xset) saves to /root/ it sets the permissions to 644, which cannot execute when called from /root/.xinitrc at bootup.

Actually, the line in /root/.xinitrc is:
eval "/root/"


Updated Trash roxapp
Username: disciple
I updated the Trash roxapp again, primarily to add the "summary" feature I was talking about doing - a gtkdialog tree that shows information about allt the trashed items - size/deletion date/type/extension/whether they had a desktop shortcut... I'm pretty sure there aren't any bugs now, but testers would be welcome.

Puppy Linux 4.0 review at
Username: metre9dmt
"Click the following link and check out a review of Puppy Linux 4.0. Bow wow wow!

humongous initrd
Username: Raffy
"Sorry for being off-topic, but there are now 2 threads about Dingo's humongous initrd in the forum: Rizza's error in booting says "Loading the 'pup_400.sfs' main file... copying to ram failed" Humongous initrd booting will be good to work on together with the new approach to driver loading in 4.1. Thanks.

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