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Xfprot virus scanner

June 30, 2008 — BarryK
An antivirus application in Puppy is not for Puppy
If you have a compromised Windows installation it is great to boot Puppy and scan and repair the hard drive.

Xfprot is small, as it is just a GUI for F-Prot, the latter being a commandline scanner with antivirus signature file. Xfprot is GPL, F-Prot is commercial, requiring a licence, however it seems that you can use it for personal purposes. You don't have to go online to register for the licence key -- it is in the F-Prot download package.

I have setup the Xfprot package so that when chosen from the menu a script will run and download F-Prot (about 14MB).

One problem is that Xfprot calls xterm with the '-hold' option, but Puppy has rxvt which does not support that option. I solved it by writing a little script for 'xterm' that detects the '-hold' option and modifies the call to rxvt in such a way that the same functionality is achieved.



Username: Tom Butz
"Hi Barry, please excuse this shortcut, but I cannot get through any other way: How can I get ufs-file support going in 4.0. It worked well in 2.16 and 2.17, but I don't want to go back to them. Tom. (Log-in doesn't work any more, though my email does)

Re: ufs
Username: BarryK
"The module 'ufs.ko' was screened-out when building Puppy 4.00 and I think also 3.01. The 'createpuppy' script in Unleashed that is used to build Puppy from the packages, screens out some modules that are very unlikely to be needed, but in some cases I may have been overly enthusiastic with the culling. You can get the ufs.ko module if you download puppy-unleashed-core-xxx.tar.gz. Anyway, anyone else want ufs.ko? I just looked, it's only small, so the next release of Puppy will have it. It will be in the next 4.1alpha or UniPup. There are others screened out. Here they are: EXOTICFS=' fs/autofs fs/autofs4 fs/befs fs/bfs fs/coda fs/cramfs fs/exportfs fs/freevxfs fs/jffs2 fs/jfs fs/lockd fs/ncpfs fs/nfsd fs/romfs fs/sysv fs/udf '

UDF isn't just for packet writing
Username: Alex
"Can we not call UDF exotic and unlikely to be used? I tried to mount a video DVD so that Wine could see it and Puppy objected that filesystem UDF isn't recognized. I don't know how common UDF is on commercial DVDs (thought they were all ISO9660). Alternatively, is there another way for Wine to see a DVD I insert without mounting it? That's the only way I've found for my applications to even report the presence of a drive.

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