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atl2 Ethernet driver

July 24, 2008 — BarryK
Another bug report for 4.1alpha4 was that the 'atl2' Ethernet driver is missing, required for the Eeepc laptop. I have now compiled that driver.

I was looking at a forum thread on the Eeepc and there is mention of a 'Linux-uvc' or 'uvcvideo' driver being needed. However, when I went to the linux-uvc website there was no source available.
The site said to get it from SVN, but there was nothing there. I found an older version, 'linux-uvc-0.1.0-e', at the T2-project repository but that does not compile.
So, has this become part of the mainline kernel source? -- the linux-uvc site doesn't say that. The kernel does not have any driver with "uvc" name in it. There are lots of V4L2 USB drivers though.

Update: I browsed linux-uvc SVN and the files are there, then I found that the URL given to fetch from SVN is incorrect. The correct command is:
svn checkout


Username: lobster
From Puppy Dingo. 4.1 Alpha 1 and 4 (probably the others too but those are the ones I remember) Puppy when it goes to Xorg choices on the Eeepc - offers two at 16 and 24 bit colour at exactly the right resolution (for the first versions of the Eeepc - not sure what happens with the new 9 series which has uses a larger screen) So I hope this driver is an improvement. The support was already good. :) Many thanks for supporting this hardware. Ideal for Puppy.

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