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Autologin for Ayttm

July 19, 2008 — BarryK
Someone posted a report to Ayttm bugzilla that it crashes in 4.1alpha4 when trying to login to IRC, so I tried it myself, it works fine for me. Perhaps Unionfs again? (I'm running Aufs now).

Anyway, while logged in I had a chat with wolf_pup and he has done something great (I suppose that you are a "he", wolf_pup?). Wolf_pup has made available the latest Ayttm for Puppy 3.01 and later users, and has recently added autologin. He has adapted the original Pidgin autologin script.
Wolf_pup's Ayttm forum post is here:


ayttm crash
Username: paulh
Barry it was I who submitted the report to Siddhesh, but I can't reproduce it now. It occurred running alpha4 frugal in a Lin'n'Win environment on top of WinXP on FAT partition.

Username: paulh
"It turns out that I had discovered a bug and Siddhesh has now corrected it ... see the [url=]bug tracker here[/url]

Re: ayttm
Username: BarryK
"paulh, That's great, I get the latest source.

ayttm crash
Username: paulh
"there's another update by siddhesh on this at paul

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