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Ayttm plans

July 07, 2008 — BarryK
Siddhesh Poyarekar is the main active developer of Ayttm right now, and has been making significant improvements to the IRC support. See his blog:

here is the project page:

If you would like to test Siddhesh's latest fixes, you have to get it out of CVS, libirc-mod branch.


Ayttm? = Are you tslking to me?
Username: GeoW
Ayttm? is very close or ready. Previously, Ayttm? wanted to download the entire list of chat rooms availabel at logon. That was unfortunate since has 5000 roons give or take a hundred or so. That occasionally took so long that icr blew the session off for taking too long. This has been fixed! Also, Ayttm?'s auto login to chat rooms did not work. This has also been fixed. The current version of Ayttm? logs on and auto joins 4 chatrooms a shade faster than Xchat - and Xchat is faster than Pidgin. Try it - you'll like it. GeoW

Too Late Barry
Username: GeoW
" Barry, I was just rereading your post: Note, Ayttm is much smaller than Pidgin, and if/when some of the IRC issues are sorted out I may move back to Ayttm in the official Puppy releases. Posted on 7 Jul 2008, 11:23 - Category: Puppy I am afraid you are too late - it looks to me like all the IRC issues have been handled. Wolf_pup has made a .pet [/url/ Try it - you will like it! GeoW

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