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Booting with Aufs

July 18, 2008 — BarryK
If you are testing 4.1alpha4 and have any trouble with crashing, try using Aufs rather than Unionfs. The way you do this is to boot with the 'layerfs=aufs' kernel boot parameter.

If booting from CD, at the prompt in the 5-second boot screen, type this:
puppy layerfs=aufs

If Puppy is installed to Flash, then you most likely have a isolinux.cfg or extlinux.cfg file on the Flash drive. Open that in an editor and append:

If you are using GRUB then you should be able to figure out where to append this parameter.


Booting with AUFS
Username: dogone
Barry, you hit the mark precisely. Those very serious problems with Seamonkey 1.11 disappeared immediately after booting with the "layerfs=aufs" option. SM is fast and appears stable. I'll continue testing with the AUFS option in force.

Not working
Username: Rarsa
"Hi Barry, I tried booting with "puppy pfix=ram layerfs=aufs" and it still tried to use unionfs. In my case Unionfs crashes with kernel panic.

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