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Event Manager tweaks

July 27, 2008 — BarryK
There was a little bug, when the choice was made to not show any drive icons on the desktop (just a single 'drives' icon to represent everything), the optical drive icon still showed up. Fixed.

I have been testing the checkboxes in the Event Manager. I was prompted to look at this as a couple of people reported that it is complicated to use. I carefully studied it, and actually it is all dead-simple. Perhaps the desktop icon 'handler' tab could have some clearer explanation, so I have made it a bit more wordy.

I also added a "Desktop drive icons manager" into the "Desktop" menu, which launches a cutdown version of the Event manager, only showing what is related to management of the desktop drive icons. Although it was unnecessary to dumb it down that much.

Now, launched from the Desktop, the drive icons manager looks like this:


Event Manager tweaks
Username: dogone
Well, EM's help sure looks helpful. I understand it and it makes sense to me. What I still can't intuit (and I may just be one dense dog) is which boxes to tick to reproduce 4.0's behavior. Guess I'll find out when 405 is released. Providing access to a cut-down version of EM via the menu concerns me a bit, but it should work as long as the menu entry and dialog are not labeled "Puppy Event Manager". There is, and should be, just one "Puppy Event Manager". If in doubt, I say can the cut-down version.

Re: desktop icons
Username: BarryK
""Tick box for hotplug drive icons on desktop" Untick that and you will have essentially the same behavior as 4.0. I think I will remove the word "hotplug", so it just becomes: "Tick box for drive icons on desktop"

Cutdown EM avoided
Username: dogone
"Barry. It just occurred to me that a "cutdown" EM is not necessary if that Desktop menu entry can open EM with the appropriate tab selected. Bingo! A subset of EM functionality front and center. (Light goes on in head) Tabbed interfaced can be used in just this way to provide instant access to a subset of any utility's functionality.

Username: ANOSage
"The FDD issue needs clarification. Briefly, if you aint got one, fit one. For one single reason, always flash your BIOS from DOS floppy, irrespective of lots of bad advice on the Net, even from some board manufacturers. I've taken advice from many of the most highly respected professions about this - they are unanimous. Ask yourself: which do you trust most, M$WXP or your electricity supplier?! If you have to hesitate over the answer, flash your BIOS very early in the morning when the supply is underutilised - from a DOS floppy. The trade would prefer you not to upgrade your system, and/or permanently screw up your board with its smc BIOS - obviously. Plenty of other good reason to continue using the FDD, though. Barry's comment could be misconstrued - I'm not so much annoyed, more about trying to pass on the finest advice from the most respected engineers in the field.

Username: linuxcbon
"I removed my floppy drive, I never use it. It's archeology now.

EM tweaks
Username: crafty-one
"Barry - small mistake with spelling..!! "If you plugin a USB pendrive.." I believe it should be - 'plug in' not 'plugin' - sounds like a plumber 'plugin' away at fixing a blocked toilet - (sic - humour - sorry couldn't resist) - or is that supposed to be "Americanized" english..!! I also agree with ANOSage - even though it be outdated hardware - having a Floppy Disk drive has certainly got me out of many a 'possibly' BIG problem time after time..

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