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Faster boot times

July 14, 2008 — BarryK
The new faster boot scripts for the 'standard' Puppy do make a difference.

I have only tested booting from live-CD so far. I recently reported 36 seconds booting UniPup live-CD on my desktop PC, running Xvesa. This time does not include the 5 second pause at the initial boot screen, and is the time from the moment the kernel starts to load until the desktop fully loaded. So, how does the 'standard' pup compare...

On my laptop, which has a 1.5GHz Mobile Celeron CPU, 512MB RAM, the second boot, with only one 'pup_save' file so it doesn't stop and ask me which one I want, boot time is 39 seconds. But, that is to Xorg, and Xorg is painful to watch when you are timing it -- the screen flickers and contorts for many seconds before the desktop finally appears.

I also had my slow-to-initialise PCMCIA modem card plugged in prior to bootup, and checked after bootup that it was working.

Then I tested on my main desktop PC, with 2GHz Celeron CPU and 512MB RAM. This time I chose Xvesa, and the boot time is 29 seconds ...not bad!

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