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Gtklogfileviewer removed

July 31, 2008 — BarryK
While I'm on the attack, I will add this one. I had a problem with this utility not working correctly, also there have been reports on the forum. I reported this to MU and he did ask me to supply more details about my particular problem (the newly-appended lines were not displaying properly) but I don't have that info anymore. MU thought that certain characters in the file may have been upsetting gtklogfileviewer -- probably that is the case. As I recall though, it was a pretty ordinary plain text file -- and at the time I fell back to using 'tail -f' which worked perfectly.


Image viewer
Username: dogone
My apologies, as this is a bit off-topic, but do take the time to try out this new image viewer ("viewer" does really suffice). Geegie is very impressive and could be a real asset to Puppy. Thanks to muggins for the dot pet.

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