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LZMA patches don't work

July 03, 2008 — BarryK
I am experimenting with LZMA for the kernel and/or initramfs -- or rather I want to, but can't find a patch that works with the kernel.

Ted Dog are you reading this? Yes, I have finally seen a need for LZMA for the initramfs, for something new I'm working on.

There was a link, for 'linux-2.6-lzma-1.patch', which fails to patch, but I think that one is only for the kernel, not the initramfs.

I found 'bzip2-lzma-kernel-' which is for both kernel and initramfs, but it also fails -- in quite a few places.


Username: ANOSage
"I looked at the Slitaz site, but they don't seem to have made their LZMA patch available" Like I said, those fellows are extremely helpful and would probably respond to a request in double-quick time?

Username: Grndoor
"All the source files and patches to build squashfs-lzma stuff for Kernel are available at: Various people in the Slax Forum have modified this stuff to cover other kernel versions.

Re: LZMA patch
Username: BarryK
"Ted Dog, Thanks for that. To the other guys, thanks for the links, but I need a kernel patch for the vmlinuz and the initrd to be LZMA-compressed. Last night I did manage to get the 'lzma-init-2.6.patch2' to work, even though it is dated in year 2005. There was one fail in the patch, which I was unable to fix, but the failed portion seemed only to be for the kernel's inbuilt initramfs. And yes, my external LZMA-compressed initrd.gz did work. However, and this is a very big "however", when the initrd.gz was loading into RAM I got the usual dots on the screen as it progressed. For the gzipped initrd.gz the file is being decompressed as it is loaded into RAM. However for the LZMA-compressed initrd.gz, it took the same time to do the 'dots', then there was a big pause of about 30 seconds where nothing happened. It would seem that initrd.gz got read into RAM, then the file was decompressed afterward. The initrd.gz is 87MB so this is an extreme case. That's a bit under 3MB decompressed per second. My CPU is 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM. The LZMA-dictionary size was at the default (8MB I think). I'll look at Slitaz, see if it has that pause at bootup. The 'rootfs.gz' file in Slitaz is under 25MB, so will of course load quick. Just a note on the side about that, rootfs.gz expands in RAM and Slitaz runs in the initramfs, not even doing a switch_root. The penalty is that 25MB expands to 100MB or so (I don't know exactly how big, that's a guess) -- so not the best for older PCs with less RAM.

Username: ANOSage
""so not the best for older PCs with less RAM." For what it's worth, SliTaz seems to work on older kit that Puppy struggles with, especially in the low memory department! I think that's what they claim? Memory resource is the one thing that most irks users of these compact distros. Remember: incomers are more likely to make their initial trials on the dusty old monster under the bed and not their shiny new toy from PCWorld.

Newest link
Username: Ted Dog
" appears to be the most current and as a text file for better use. The patch is a far cry better than the 2005 versions.

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