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Pmusic, Pburn, Psip

July 16, 2008 — BarryK
Pmusic upgraded to 0.1.3. Well, Pmusic is actually a newcomer, making its debut in 4.1alpha4.

Pburn to 1.9.5.

Psip 0.9.12, another newcomer.

Psip: wow! If you want to know more, here are some forum threads:

The project coordinator for Psip has been Lobster, and HairyWill has done a lot of the heavy background work -- and has got some premature grey hairs -- a special thanks to you guys. Thanks to Evil20071, smokey01, charnisingh, Caneri, puppyluvr, prit1, gazb, John_Doe and peppyy for pitching-in and helping with testing.

UPDATE: Once I start listing names, I had better get it right. I also wish to add a thanks to CEL and Aitch for helping with testing, and jebajQ8 for the icons!


Username: Dougal
This comment regarding the new kernel might be interesting to some:

Username: Caneri
"Hi Barry, Hey...give Puppy SIP a try...lots of fun. Best, Eric

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