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PPLOG plans

July 07, 2008 — BarryK
Fedekun, the developer of PPLOG, has sent me this email:

Hi! I started working in this version, mostly small fixes but its nice anyways.
I wanted to thank you for using my blog and make it kind of popular,
and puppy linux users who have submitted me some bugs, and also the
fixes! So... It would be great if you could tell them i'm grateful.
Here is a list of what i changed/fixed/added so far

Version 1.1b
# BBCODE bug on comments, fixed thanks to Сергей
# RSS Links fixed, thanks to Matthew Everitt
# Some Grammar Corrected, thanks to Irmela
+ Added an option to allow HTML on new entry pages
+ Added an option to allow only numbers on CAPTCHA
# Fixed old captcha so there is no confusion (ALL CAPS LETTERS)
+ Added an option to modify the CAPTCHA lenght
+ Added an option to allow WYSIWYG instead of BBCODE (Smilies dont
work with WYSIWYG)

Dont worry, the WYSISWYG is only one line of javascript, thanks to

If you also would like to suggest anything (remember, PPLOG has to stay very small -- currently it's a single 80KB Perl script) then there is a link to the PPLOG website on the left of this page -- Fedekun's email address should be there.

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