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Puppy 4.1alpha5

July 30, 2008 — BarryK
I have uploaded this to:


Username: lobster
One way or another, I will be using this Alpha. Look forward to trying it. Wiki page for 4.1

Works for me
Username: Geow
"Great job Barry, Have downloaded, md5 both good, and it runs - I am posting from 405. Now I need to defrag so I can set up a save file. And a special thanks from New Jersey for uploading before Noon your time which is before Midnight my time. GeoW

Ayttm - use Menu - Blows up from Icon
Username: GeoW
"Ayttm works using the menu but it blew up when I tried the icon. GeoW

Ayttm - Menu First - Then Icon Works
Username: GeoW
"As it turns out - after using: Menu > Internet > Ayttm the first time to set up the access - the icon works fine after that.

DL while camping
Username: Ted Dog
"multiple wget -c and a few hours later, the campground wireless system pulls a good download. This 405 is working well ath5k failed but ath_pci works as well as always, thanks for including both. So why is Gilligan riding a bike on this wallpaper, Professor?

booted from usb stick
Username: eprv
"On my Epia-v board the internal cf card is installed with zenwalk on xfs file system. this is not mounted and pmount is not working, same was in 4.04 but saving and reboot is OK in 4.05. gparted reports warning - unable to read /dev/sda it is detected and read using parted-magic kernel from same usb stick

Username: greg
"Still no wireless with ZD1211RW. I like the new format of the wizard. Finally items in a bit more logical order. Driver is loaded for zd1211rw, I even unloaded it and reloaded. Pwireless will not detect wireless locations either. By the way, location of load button on TOP of the box and drives below is a bit confusing for loading new or different divers. Version 2.17 still something in 4 series is amiss. Some versions of 3 work with pwireless. Barry...yes we are testing, and I believe everyone appreciates all your hard work! Please keep it up.

4.1alpha5 feedback
Username: BarryK
"Lobster has started a forum feedback thread:

Username: BarryK
"GoeW, Ok, I can fix the 'chat' icon so that it starts the same way as from the menu. However, running it first from the icon, it still starts ok, just doesn't have the autologin to #puppylinux. I just tested it. What do you mean by "it blows up"?

Username: BarryK
"eprv, Puppy is not really setup to recognise xfs. It is a module but is not in the initrd so won't be recognised at bootup. After bootup, to get Pmount to recognise it should be easy though. It might be just a matter of loading the 'xfs' module. Can you open a terminal, and try this: [code]# guess_fstype /dev/sda1 #(or whatever the cf card is) # modprobe xfs # guess_fstype /dev/sda1[/code] ...if guess_fstype still doesn't work, then we will need to get back to Jesse, who wrote that utility for Puppy.

Username: eprv
"Thanks Barry, here is the output: # guess_fstype /dev/sda1 xfs # modprobe xfs # guess_fstype /dev/sda1 xfs # I was able to mount in manually with mount command, but pmount still stops with no warning so it is halfway resolved.

Username: eprv
"here is the output of pmount: # pmount /usr/sbin/pmount: line 180: [: too many arguments /usr/sbin/pmount: line 180: [: too many arguments /usr/sbin/pmount: line 243: 30768 Terminated yaf-splash -font "8x16" -outline 0 -margin 4 -bg orange -text "Puppy Drive Mounter Please wait, probing hardware..." /usr/sbin/pmount: line 248: 31107 Aborted /tmp/gtkdialog_pmount --file=/tmp/pmountdlg.txt_${MYPID} --center >/tmp/pmountdlg_${MYPID} 2>/tmp/pmounterr # hope that helps

Alternate download location
Username: Prit1
"Here is an alternate download location for those having trouble with ibiblio.

Blew Up
Username: GeoW
" Barry, I just rebooted pfix=ram to see if I could duplicate the problem. What happened was, when I saw the Ayttm login screen, I was thinking it must be a new version of the Wolf Pup script. As a result I just entered a username and clicked OK. This resulted in a dialog box entitled Ayttm has crashed which said it has received a signal 11. Blew up. GeoW

Username: BarryK
"eprv, Ah, that line 180 is another, unrelated bug! I have fixed it. Probably best to continue this on the forum bugs thread. Can you try this: 1. # probepart ...see if that reports your xfs partition ok. 2. Run pmount, then in /tmp you will find a file that looks like this: /tmp/pmountdlg.txt_12345 could you post that file to the forum, as an attachment.

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