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Shortlist for 4.1-final

July 02, 2008 — BarryK
Hopefully I will upload 4.1alpha3 tomorrow. It will of course have bugs, that will need to be fixed, but also I have put together a shortlist of what else needs to be done before the final can be released:

UPDATE July 2: added item 14
1. Recompile kernel with updated unionfs patch.
2. SeaMonkey 1.1.10, with Mail and News component.
3. PETget: add button to check dependencies of an installed package.
4. Xfprot: consider putting this into Puppy. It will automatically download f-prot (which has the antivirus signatures file).
5. Handler for '.ko' module files in ROX-Filer?
6. Replace rxvt with xterm? Reason: Xfprot needs the enhanced capability of xterm.
7. New desktop theme.
8. Local help page: dropdown list of all useful utilities in Puppy, with one-line description and link to online (or local) docs.
9. Split more modules that are only required at bootup into the initrd (so don't take up space in pup_410.sfs).
10. My laptop: sound only works after running the ALSA Wizard, have to do it every bootup.
11. Boot from ide flash, reports that running in PUPMODE 12, should be 13.
12. Maybe alternative to inotify for messaging between pup_event_backend_d and pup_event_frontend_d.
13. Compile "SCSI kernels" (just like in Slackware) with SCSI drivers builtin instead of SATA. And test on SCSI hardware.


Avast anti-virus
Username: dogone
Barry, please consider Avast anti-virus for Puppy. It's smaller, found to be more effective and now offers a GTK+ 2 GUI (F-prot doesn't). The Linux Home Edition is free. A long-time F-prot user, I recently switched to Avast under Puppy (in order to protect Windows World). It's command line is not as well developed as F-prot's but more than adequate. The GUI is just as BarryK would have it - simple but effective.

Xfprot GTK2
Username: BarryK
"Xfprot is now GTK2, I compiled and used it yesterday. But okay, I'll take a look at Avast. Xterm has the '-hold' option, so it will not terminate when the application finishes: # xterm -hold -e someapplication Xfprot relies on this so that you can see results in the terminal window although the "someapplication" has finished.

NoteCase 1.9.3?
Username: GreatnessGuru
"Someone around here mentioned a new release: NoteCase "Changelog: 1.9.3. (released at 2008.06.23.) - add: added command line parameter "--debug" used to force generating the "crash log" file on exit - add: "Close" menu entry to close the current notecase document - add: show progress bar when loading .ncd/.nce files (instead of "pulsing" progress) - updated .pot file and Croatian translation - fix: after loading document current node is always expanded even if it has not "expanded" flag in the file - fix: on new/close document action, immediately delete its "auto-save" protection copy (do not wait for program exit) - add: add tooltip with description for some hard-to-understand features ("Read-only" and "Lock document" menu items)" Thank you, Eddie Maddox

Mini GTK File Manager
Username: dogone
"The principle Xprot developer has also GTKFM, a capable and very small file manager. From the site: "This program has been written with size optimization in mind. To achieve this goal some code from the Busybox project was used. It contains also a Text Editor, an Image Viewer, a Process manager and a Filesytem info tool. Gtkfm is tested only on Ubuntu Linux but should compile and work also on other distributions." Don't know that we need another file manager but GTKFM appears just too "Puppy" to resist. ...a pet or perhaps in 403/4?

Username: bee
"I have rxvt-unicode-9.05 compiled in Puppy 4.0 It has many features the rxvt does not. Most useful to me is search. Second, it has never crashed. It also has -hold.

Username: bee
"Forgot to add the link:

re: urxvt
Username: BarryK
"bee, thanks for the link, I check it out.

Re: gtkfm
Username: BarryK
"dogone, yes, I looked at it also, was unable to compile it.

Username: coolpup
"Latest version; a major new feature release

Username: GreatnessGuru
"Linux "... It contains a number of assorted bugfixes all over the tree. And once again, any users of the 2.6.25 kernel series are STRONGLY encouraged to upgrade to this release." The Linux Kernel Archives "The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is: 2008-07-03 03:53 UTC" "tags 5 hours ago v2.6.25.10 8 days ago v2.6.25.9 11 days ago v2.6.25.8 2 weeks ago v2.6.25.7 3 weeks ago v2.6.25.6 3 weeks ago v2.6.25.5 6 weeks ago v2.6.25.4 7 weeks ago v2.6.25.3 8 weeks ago v2.6.25.2 2 months ago v2.6.25.1 2 months ago v2.6.25" Thank you, Eddie Maddox

SeaMonkey 1.1.11, due 15JUL2008
Username: GreatnessGuru
""SeaMonkey 1.1.11 candidate builds already available - please help testing (again)!" mozilla . dev . apps . seamonkey "... From now on, our security releases are planned to be in sync with both Firefox 2.0.0.x and 3.0.x updates. ... SeaMonkey 1.1.11 is currently scheduled for release at the same day as Firefox and 3.0.1, which is July 15 ..." Thank you, Eddie Maddox Inwood IA USA

Pmount: Fix tabbing; Add WebDAV
Username: GreatnessGuru
"I'm typing this from Puppy 403-frugal, after restarting X to get the wallpaper and icons to display. Anyway... Pmount, 1, bug: The <Tab> and <Shift-Tab> keys do not cycle through the media type tabs. Pmount, 2, feature: Please add WebDAV as a media type. man: "mount.davfs(8) Mount WebDAV resource in directory" Note: The kernel must be compiled with the WebDAV FS enabled. Something like that... Thank you so much, Eddie Maddox Inwood IA USA

SeaMonkey 1.1.11 Security Release
Username: GreatnessGuru
"Forum index Taking the Puppy out for a walk Announcements SeaMonkey 1.1.11 Security Release Thank you, Eddie Maddox

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