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udev to pup_event_frontend_d

July 10, 2008 — BarryK
Ok, I have got this working. Very simple, wrote a couple of udev rules to write to /tmp/pup_event_backend_s whenever a block device is inserted or removed.

My frontend daemon uses inotify to wait for any change to /tmp/pup_event_backend_s then updates the desktop icons etc.

I previously had my backend daemon pup_event_backend_d writing to /tmp/pup_event_backend_s every 2 seconds, for purposes of probing various things, such as whether a CD/DVD inserted. However I did not know how to get udevd to generate a periodic write to that file, so I moved the 2-second timeout functionality into pup_event_frontend_d.

What matters is the end result. Udev is now working nicely in Puppy. I think that I will make it the default.

Tags: puppy